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Experience Tudor History at the Mary Rose Museum


I have just finished reading CJ Sansom’s historical novel ‘Heartstone’ – the 6th book in The Shardlake Series – in which the pivotal point, where the main character Matthew Shardlake resolves the mysteries surrounding his investigations, takes place on board King ...

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The Pretoria versus Cape Town Parliament Debate


During the State of the Nation Address (SONA) on 09 February, President Jacob Zuma set in motion a snowball discourse on the moving of the Parliament to Pretoria away from Cape Town, to reduce costs. The suggested cost for moving ...

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Developing Africa’s Health Tourism Potential


Health Tourism can potentially provide a lucrative niche market to grow tourist numbers into Africa. However, reliable information and statistics on this sector from a local perspective are impossible to find. But this sad state of affairs is going to change ...

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Can South Africa Sustain Tourism Growth?


While South Africa’s 12.8% increase in the number of overnight tourists recorded during 2016 compared to those recorded during 2015 is laudable, further analysis of the data reveals there’s still significant work to be done to ensure long-term, sustainable and ...

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SA Tourism Stats: Jan-Dec 2016


While South Africa’s 12.8% increase in the number of overnight tourists recorded during 2016 compared to those recorded during 2015 is laudable, further analysis of the data reveals there’s still significant work to be done to ensure long-term, sustainable and ...

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Making the Most of an African Safari


Tourists come to South Africa for two things – sun and safari. But do they understand that in order to see the Big-5 in their natural habitat it’s bound to rain at some point? So how do lodges help guests ...

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Reunion Island: Perfect for Easter Holidays


Located in the Indian Ocean, Réunion Island can be reached by a quick 4-hour flight on Air Austral from Johannesburg and what’s more, South African passport holders do not require a visa for a visit of up to 90 days ...

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The Impact of Drought on SA’s Wildlife Environment


To provide a better understanding of Tourism Tattler’s feature regarding the impact of drought on South Africa’s game reserves and wildlife environment – and with specific reference to the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park (HiP) reserve – I have repeated an article ...

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Taking Action Against Plastic


To kerb the disastrous environmental impact of plastics, a new report released by the World Economic Forum provides a tangible plan for the global plastics industry to take action across all types of plastic packaging. In just over half a ...

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Does SA Need Two B2B Travel Trade Shows?


Does the tourism industry in South Africa benefit from the concept of B2B travel trade shows, and if so, is the presence of two major trade shows in an emerging market like South Africa sustainable? By Des Langkilde. The Stats ...

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Diabetes: Are You At Risk?


Early diagnosis of diabetes is important if complications are to be prevented or delayed. If you are over 35 and have any of the risk factors highlighted in this article, you should be tested every year. Who is at risk? ...

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The Importance of Hotel Entertainment


At a recent hotel industry function, I was asked which was THE best hotel I have ever stayed at. This has been a common question over the years and one that has an easy answer. It’s also a question to ...

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The Impact of Pinterest on Copyright Laws


The traditional realm of copyright is being tested in a world where “liking”, “retweeting”, and “pinning” have become part of everyday life. By Leanne van Breda and Janet Mackenzie. Pinterest has made it easy for users to collect images and inspiration ...

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Can you Justify your Fixed-term Contracts?


It is important for employers to ensure that they are able to justify the grounds for fixing a limited duration of employment and that there is full compliance with the relevant provisions of the LRA insofar as ensuring the protection ...

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Adventure Tourism from a Legal Perspective – Part 9


This series of articles explores the legal aspects associated with the risks of operating an adventure tourism business, with specific relevance to the legal framework applicable to South Africa. (See end of article for a summary of each part in this ...

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Law of Contracts – Part 27


The Role of Service Level Agreements. By Adv Louis Nel. (For a summary see end of article). Alternative Dispute Resolutions (Cont’d) I ended Part 26 of this series by stating that arbitration becomes the method of resolving a dispute if parties to the ...

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How to gain Green Flag Trails accreditation


Tourists want reassurance. For this reason, hotels are star graded, beaches are awarded Blue Flag status, and clean and safe trails are Green Flag accredited. By Professor Leon Hugo. Ten years ago, adventure tourists had no means of assessing an ...

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The Awesome Mazda CX-5 Akera AWD Auto


With kerb appeal to satisfy even the most sophisticated of motorists, one wouldn’t be surprised if this SUV’s ‘off-road’ abilities were somewhat limited. When Mazda gave Tourism Tattler an opportunity to review the CX-5 2.2L DE Akera AWD Auto – ...

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World Pangolin Day 2017: What the Trade Ban Means for Conservation


Pangolins gained the highest level of protection under CITES with the decision to bring in a ban on international trade. In this article, Dan Challender from IUCN’s Global Species Programme and Co-Chair of IUCN’s SSC Pangolin Specialist Group looks at ...

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Tourism Safety Communication in South Africa


A focussed public-private partnership approach for the South African tourism industry to positively inform potential visitors on safety and security issues is imperative for the country to compete as a safe destination on the global tourism stage. Here’s the Who, ...

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The Role of Tour Operators in Safari Bookings


Research suggests that travellers are changing their safari booking habits by making reservations directly on booking aggregators or directly via the safari lodge or game reserve’s website. So where does this trend leave Tour Operators? Is the traditional travel distribution ...

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Tourism Business Performance Rises In Q4 2016


Despite the tough operating environment, the South African travel and tourism industry experienced slightly better than normal business performance in the last quarter of 2016. By Kagiso Mosue. Against a normal performance score of 100, the industry recorded an index ...

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Recording Wildlife Spotting Online

WildSpots.org wildlife spotters

  WildSpots.org is a free iOS and Android mobile application and website for recording the migration and distribution of individual animal, bird and insect species across southern Africa. Game reserves, wildlife conservancies, NGOs and tourists alike are invited to share ...

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The A-B-C’s of Reunion Island


Réunion Island is a mere 4-hour flight from Johannesburg on Air Austral and South African passport holders do not require visas for this tropical paradise which makes it the perfect destination! Located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and ...

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Exploring Sri Lanka from Tangle to Galle


Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) – an island south of India – is renown for its diverse landscape, ranging from rainforest and arid plains to highlands and sandy beaches. In this travel destination review, Tourism Tattler correspondent Adam Jacot de Boinod explores ...

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Middle East’s ‘The Hotel Show’ Brand Launches in Africa


The Hotel Show Africa 2017, taking place at Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg from 25-27 June 2017, aims to boost the African hospitality market that already has more than 350 new hotel projects in development. dmg events – Middle East, Asia ...

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Join the Global Blog-It Influencer Summit


Tourism Tattler has joined the Global Travel Blogger & Social Media Influencer Summit as a media partner. This event will be convened in India from 26 – 28 September 2017. Bloggers and influencers have emerged as the key channels of ...

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Tips on How to De-stress


The importance of making time for yourself throughout the year cannot be over emphasised. In this article, Diabetes South Africa looks at ways to de-stress your life. By Romy Toussaint. The first thing that comes to mind when you think ...

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Property Profile: Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel and Spa

Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel and Spa

R28 Million Restoration – A Success Story in The Making After acquiring and investing R28 million into the refurbishment of the Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel and Spa, new owners, First Hotels, is seeing the benefits of an eight-figure investment that ...

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The Old-school General Manager

John Cleese Faulty Towes

There’s been something fundamental missing in the last decade of hotel management: the unflashy, workaholic general managers, those who started their careers waiting tables, scrubbing kitchen counters and floors, climbing the ladder, slowly learning ALL of the necessary skills to ...

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HR Issues: Mobile Images & Employee Privacy

mobile phone lock

This court case is important for Human Resource managers as it highlights the fact that although an employee has a right to privacy, it is not absolute and cannot be relied upon by an employee acting with ulterior motives to ...

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Adventure Tourism from a Legal Perspective – Part 8


This series of articles explores the legal aspects associated with the risks of operating an adventure tourism business, with specific relevance to the legal framework applicable to South Africa. (For a summary on this series see end of article). RISK IDENTIFICATION ...

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Law of Contracts – Part 26


The Role of Service Level Agreements. By Adv Louis Nel. (For a summary on this series see end of article). Alternative Dispute Resolutions (Cont’d) As mentioned at the end of my article on standard terms and conditions last month (Part 25 – JAN ...

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Food Tourism: How to Get your Slice of the Pie

Food tourism

Food tourism is all the rage. Just look at the last decade’s vast surge in consumer interest in food and cooking as documented by popular television shows. So how do you leverage this upward trend to get your slice of ...

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Vehicle Review: Mazda2 Hazumi

Mazda2 Auto 1.5L DE

If you’re looking for a ‘not so little’ little car that packs a whole lot of punch, then the Mazda2 Hazumi Auto 1.5L DE is the car for you. By Tessa Buhrmann. I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious and luxurious ...

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New Waterpark Attraction opens in Surat, India


Polin Waterparks debuted its King Cobra waterslide among a wide variety of other waterslides at the new Amaazia Amusement Park that opened in December 2016 in Surat, India. The port city, known for its diamond industry, now can boast another ...

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New Year Message from UNWTO


Dear friends, I write to you as I begin my final year as UNWTO Secretary-General, a position I have been privileged to hold for almost seven years at an Agency I have been proud to serve for the past decade. ...

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ICTP Statement: Jordan & Berlin Terror Attacks


On behalf of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners, I would like to extend our sympathy and condolences to the victims and their loved ones affected by the criminal attacks in Jordan, and in Berlin during December 2016. Both incidents ...

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SAA Museum Society


If cultural, heritage or nostalgia tourism are niche sectors that your business focusses on, then the South African Airways Museum Society (SAAMS) is definitely worth including in itineraries. Here’s why. By Des Langkilde. Conveniently positioned on a tract of land ...

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WiFi at Safari Lodges: A Key Influencer?


A Big Five safari is all about the sightings and experiences. Sharing the thrill of these experiences with friends and family on social media is what travellers do. But internet connectivity at game reserves can be sporadic, if available at ...

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Social Impact Initiative in Ethiopia


Valerie Bowden, the author of ‘Backpacking Africa for Beginners’, has an inspiring story to tell. And it’s not about her book. By Des Langkilde. It’s about a snack made from Teff and a business that she plans to use as ...

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Stakeholders Lack Confidence in Tanzanian Tourism Minister


Prof. Jumanne Abdallah Maghembe, the current Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism for the United Republic of Tanzania, met industry representatives over government demands of a $2,000 licence fee, irrespective of the size of the company in question, and for ...

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Good Service Seeds Future Tourism Growth


These days, travellers do not vote only with their feet when dissatisfied with the quality of service they receive. They also vote with their fingers, sharing stories of their experience with friends and posting messages on social media. By Brett ...

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Open Letter: China’s Wildlife Crimes in Namibia


In this Open Letter to China’s Ambassador Xin Shunkang, Dr Chris Brown, CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, demands that the Chinese government takes responsibility and leadership in addressing the illegal trade in wildlife and commits to stopping all ...

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Reunion Island: The Ultimate Nature & Leisure Destination


Covering an area of more than 2500km² and the largest island in the Mascarene archipelago, Réunion Island is an Indian Ocean destination you don’t want your tourism clients miss out on. Quick Facts Réunion Island, a French department in the ...

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Unpacking Star Grading


What exactly does the term “star graded” mean and what is the significance of such a rating for hoteliers and their guests? By Richard Bray. In a nutshell, the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) has a set grading ...

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Five Steps to a Successful Towel & Linen Reuse Scheme


Hotel approaches to towel and linen sustainability vary considerably. Here are five simple steps to getting it right. By Jeremy Smith. 1: Use The Most Environmentally Friendly Materials Possible W Hotels in North America have launched a new range of ...

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Hotel Study: Plans for Attracting Guests


Improving guest experience through technology spurs 74% of hotels and resorts to implement location-based technologies to tailor services. By Jeff Schmitz. Results of the recently released global Zebra Hospitality Vision Study – a body of research that analyses the hotel ...

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Law of Contracts – Part 25


The Role of Service Level Agreements By Adv Louis Nel. (For a summary on this series see end of article). Disputes: You Don’t Have To Go To Court! As suggested in my article on standard terms and conditions last month, ‘A further ...

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Adventure Tourism from a Legal Perspective – Part 7


This series of articles explores the legal aspects associated with the risks of operating an adventure tourism business, with specific relevance to the legal framework applicable to South Africa. Summary: Part 1 in this series provided definitions for the term Adventure, ...

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Promoting Domestic Tourism in South Africa


Through their support of Fikile Hlatshwayo’s book ‘Blacks Do Caravan’, South African Tourism aims to inspire families to travel. The book encourages South Africans to visit local destinations and to discover the therapeutic nature of camping along with the inherent ...

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Which is Best for Start-Ups: PR or Advertising?


There’s a misconception held by many business owners that public relations (PR) and advertising are completely interchangeable (in terms of the benefits that they offer), but that isn’t true. While each has benefits, there are many reasons that PR is ...

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Predictions for Native Advertising in 2017


Native Advertising definition: Paid content that matches a publication’s editorial standards while meeting the audience’s expectations. Facebook and Twitter fail this definition because neither are publishers. The same is true with Google AdWords. Source: www.copyblogger.com No one knows exactly what ...

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Tourism Security: A Comparison on Safety Tips


Like many other tourist destinations in the world, it could be argued that South Africa has some way to go to manage the trade-off between providing information to travellers about safety and security considerations versus the important task of growing ...

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Exploring Game Capacity at Big Five Reserves


Ever wondered why some game reserves have more Big Five sightings than others? This article provides the answers. By Des Langkilde. According to Vernon Wait, owner of South African based tour operator Pembury Tours, who specialise in safaris to some ...

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Anti-Poaching: To Rescue or to Shoot Injured Wildlife?


While on a game drive through a reserve in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, our tour group spotted two animals that had fallen victim to poaching snares. Both were still alive and lumbering through the bush in obvious pain and agony. What would ...

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Best Design Hotel in Africa & Middle East


South Africa, Stellenbosch; CAPE Winelands luxury small hotel destination Majeka House & Spa has scooped a coveted international award in recognition of their world class interior design. By Lise Manley. Already a recipient of a string of awards and accolades ...

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Botswana & Zimbabwe’s Iconic Safari Lodges


Africa Albida Tourism’s luxurious properties, located in two of Southern Africa’s iconic destinations – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and Chobe, Botswana – are featured in this month’s Africa Adventure Travel GeoDirectory. The properties encapsulate the very essence of Africa, and provide ...

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Exploring the Cape Whale Coast


If unusual destinations and unique experiences are attributes that differentiate tour operator and travel agent success, then the Cape Whale Coast region of South Africa’s Western Cape province should be included as it possesses both in abundance. By Des Langkilde. ...

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SA Tourism Stats: Jan-Sep 2016


The data continues to indicate the recovery of international arrivals from 2015 as reflected in the growth in Stats SA foreign arrival data, growth in the rates of 5-star hotels and growth in the arrivals on international and regional flights. ...

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The Right Mindset For Running Your Own Business


Running a business is a big challenge. Even the most modest enterprise takes hard work and dedication to thrive. If you own your own business, approaching it with the right frame of mind is vital to your long-term success. Here’s ...

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Market Access for SMEs


South African Tourism has partnered with the Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) on a brand-new market access partnership to develop the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) tourism sector whilst contributing towards transformation. By Hannelie du Toit. Based on the ...

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Quality Control in Events Management


This article reviews the steps needed to maintain consistent quality through project management principles that are the hallmark of successful events. By Beaulah du Toit. The classic project management triangle clearly indicates that failure or reduction of any one of ...

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The Metric That Can Impact Hotel Revenues


When most hoteliers consider their revenue management metrics, they most likely think about RevPAR, ADR and occupancy. Perhaps, they would also think about historical and current local demand. By Jean Francois Mourier. But for the majority of hoteliers, their property’s ...

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Night Shift, Employees and Transportation


When overtime and night work overlap, are employees entitled to transportation? By Fiona Leppan. Night shifts raise concerns, especially about the safety of employees and the transport available to employees who perform night work. Although section 17(2)(b) of the Basic ...

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Law of Contracts – Part 24


The Role of Service Level Agreements By Adv Louis Nel. (For a summary on this series see end of article). Service level agreements (‘SLA’) come in different guises and fulfil varied functions. The SLA is mainly uses in two ways – it ...

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Adventure Tourism from a Legal Perspective – Part 6


This series of articles explores the legal aspects associated with the risks of operating an adventure tourism business, with specific relevance to the legal framework applicable to South Africa. Part 1 in this series provided definitions for the term Adventure, ...

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Who is the South African Millennial?


Are today’s travellers really that different from their parents? What do we really know about the South African millennial traveller? Nicholas Barenblatt, of Protea Hotels by Marriott and African Pride Hotels, provides the answers. By Bonny Feldman. As distinct trends ...

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Preferences of Business Traveller Generations


Older, experienced business travellers expect to be treated like VIPs when they travel and leave the handling of their travel arrangements to others, while younger, newer business travellers book their own travel and like to be treated like locals. By ...

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Road Trip Tips for the Holiday Season


The South African holiday season is around the corner and the open road is calling. Here are some road trip tips to ensure that you reach your local holiday destination safely. By Sharney Nel. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also ...

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A Night with the Stars at #Lilizela2016


It was a night of honour and glamour when the South African tourism industry celebrated its top business owners and service providers at the fourth annual Lilizela Tourism Awards on 16 October 2016. By Thandiwe Mathibela. Joined by various key ...

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2016 Lilizela Awards Winner: iNsingizi Game Lodge


A National Winner of the 2016 Lilizela Tourism Awards in the 3-Star accommodation category, iNsingizi Game Lodge & Spa is located conveniently between Durban and Pietermaritzburg and is the perfect escape from the frenetic pace of modern life. Our location, ...

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2016 Lilizela Awards Winner: Phelwana Game Lodge


The year 2013 marked the 75th anniversary of the De Villiers family having been part of South Africa’s lowveld history, and today we are proud to have been recognised as a Provincial Award winner and national finalist in the 2016 ...

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WLHA: A Decade Of Awarding Service Excellence


Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the 2016 World Luxury Hotel Awards took place at the exquisite St. Regis Doha in Qatar on 29 October, where some of the world’s leading hotels gathered to be recognised on stage for their ...

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Sports & Events Tourism Awards Winners


The evening of the 26th October 2016 saw the inaugural Sports & Events Tourism Awards take place in the City of Tshwane – an initiative launched alongside the annual SETE 2016 conference. By Paul W. Reynell. Entries were submitted by ...

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Vehicle Rental MOTY Award Winners


The South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA) has announced Volkswagen as the Manufacturer of The Year (MOTY) in the car rental sector for the seventh consecutive year. The revered SAVRALA’s MOTY award recognises exceptional levels of service, new ...

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Tourism Business Index Q3


The Tourism Business Index for the third quarter of 2016 shows improved business performance, buoyed by a positive showing in South Africa’s accommodation sector. By Kagiso Mosue. The Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) represents businesses operating in South ...

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SA Tourism Stats: Jan – Aug 2016


For the first time the data from Stats SA, STR and ACSA all reflect the same period. The data indicates the recovery of international arrivals from 2015 as reflected in the growth in Stats SA data, growth in the rates ...

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Nearly One Billion Tourists Globally


Destinations around the world welcomed 956 million international tourists between January and September 2016. According to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, this is 34 million (4%) more than the same 2015 period. By Rut Gomez Sobrino. Demand for international ...

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Blood Lions & Wild Dogs


A coalition of three male lions was collared and released from their holding boma into the uMkhuze section of the South Africa’s first world heritage site, the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, late on the 18th of October 2016. By Debbie Cooper. ...

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Exploring St. Lucia


The best way to get a proper sense of St. Lucia, it seemed, was to work my way up the island by foot, road and boat. And spend nights at the islands’ supurb resorts along the way. By Adam Jacot ...

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Child Friendly Safaris


Many parents dream of taking their children on a once-in a-lifetime safari adventure holiday, but most South African Big-5 game reserves and lodges have a minimum age restriction rule for children.  Fortunately there are exceptions to this and Lalibela Private ...

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Property Profile: Chilly Powder in the French Alps


Chilly Powder is an appropriate name for a 4-star ski hotel located in the famous Portes du Soleil region of the French Alps, where snow is almost guaranteed and average normal winter temperatures range around -1.6°C. Based in the heart ...

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Law of Contracts – Part 23


Enforcing Your Contract: Homework – What To Do Before You Go Ahead. By Adv Louis Nel. (For a summary on this series see end of article). THE NEXT STEP I.E. STEP 4 IS TO CONSIDER WHO TO CONSULT (REFRESHER: STEP 1 WAS/HOW ...

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Adventure Tourism from a Legal Perspective – Part 5


This series of articles explores the legal aspects associated with the risks of operating an adventure tourism business, with specific relevance to the legal framework applicable to South Africa. Part 1 in this series provided definitions for the term Adventure, ...

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Hotel Technology Trends Infographic


About the Author: Mary Smith works on digital marketing for Ard na Sidhe Country House in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

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HUAWEI Launches Mate 9


Unveiled in Munich, Germany on November 3rd, Huawei Consumer Business Group presented two of the most anticipated devices of the year – the Huawei Mate 9 and the exclusive Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9. Building on Huawei’s success in delivering ...

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ATA World Tourism Conference Rwanda


The Africa Travel Association (ATA), a division of the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), is proud to announce its 41st Annual World Tourism Conference will take place November 14- 17, 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda. The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is ...

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Global Tourist Arrivals Up 4%


According to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, international tourist arrivals worldwide grew by 4% between January and June 2016 compared to the same period last year. Destinations worldwide received 561 million international tourists (overnight visitors), 21 million more than ...

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Africa Tightens Business Visa Requirements


Some African countries are getting stricter in terms of their visa requirements. They often require not only a letter of invitation and an itinerary, but also proof of company registration, bank-account statements, tax-clearance certificates and a minimum bank balance. By Raylene ...

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Lalibela Repopulates Game Reserve


The three main aspects of any African safari are the game-viewing, the accommodation and the food. But the main reason why tourists go on safari is to view game and, as an inbound industry, we should try to remember this ...

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Language Skills & Tourism


Tourism is the only sector that can alleviate the challenges of unemployment, but South Africans must learn as many international languages as possible, and that starts at school level. By Unathi Henama. I have noted before that tourism is the ...

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Top 6 Hospitality Degree Programmes


The hospitality industry is increasingly being pursued by job seekers due to the numerous opportunities presented by hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos and theme parks among other related institutions. This article provides a brief summary of the most rewarding Hospitality Degree Programmes to improve your chances ...

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Sports & Tourism Experts Gather for SETE 2016


The 6th Sports & Events Tourism Exchange CONNECT EDITION, hosted by the City of Tshwane, from 25 to 27 October 2016, has already attracted a panel of experts from an array of countries to share leading global-trends with local audiences. ...

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African Tourism Boards Head for London


Visitors to WTM London 2016 will have the opportunity to talk to all the major African tourism boards as the region continues to raise its profile at the leading global event for the travel industry. By Simon Press. From established ...

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The Value of Accredited Grading Assessors


What exactly does an Accredited Grading Assessor do, and why are their jobs so important? By Refiloe Mothibe. Main image credit: Long Lee Manor, Shamwari Game Reserve. One of the things that makes travel so exciting is its wild unpredictability. ...

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The Underestimated Value of Housekeeping


There are many factors that contribute to a guests’ enjoyable stay, however, one aspect that is often underestimated and overlooked is the housekeeping. By Paul Duverge. There are various departments in the workings of a hotel that greatly contribute to ...

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Adventure Tourism from a Legal Perspective – Part 4


This series of articles explores the legal aspects associated with the risks of operating an adventure tourism business, with specific relevance to the legal framework applicable to South Africa. Part 1 in this series provided definitions for the term Adventure, ...

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Law of Contracts – Part 22


Enforcing Your Contract: Homework – What To Do Before You Go Ahead. By Adv Louis Nel. (For a summary on this series see end of article). THE NEXT STEP I.E. STEP 3 IS TO CONSIDER THE IMPACT ON VARIOUS ASPECTS OF YOUR ...

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6 Steps to Native Advertising Success


It’s not about the number, the exposure or even the CTR. Follow these 6 steps if you want native advertising success. By Stine Bjerre Herdel. Few companies who have the money to buy media space in the form of branded ...

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