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Tourism Security: A Comparison on Safety Tips


Like many other tourist destinations in the world, it could be argued that South Africa has some way to go to manage the trade-off between providing information to travellers about safety and security considerations versus the important task of growing ...

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Road Trip Tips for the Holiday Season


The South African holiday season is around the corner and the open road is calling. Here are some road trip tips to ensure that you reach your local holiday destination safely. By Sharney Nel. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also ...

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Tourism Safety in Kenya


The Kenya Tourism Federation Safety & Communication Centre (KTF-SCC) was established in 1998, and has since made significant contributions to the drop in reported tourist related incidents in the country. The SCC disseminates safety and security advice to tourists and ...

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You don’t have to be an intrepid traveller to come to SA


Is it the glorious climate? The magnificent wildlife? The spectacular beaches? The rich cultural diversity or the delectable local cuisine? Whatever it is, South Africa has become one of the world’s fastest growing leisure – and business – travel destinations. ...

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Become an Official NSRI Shore Crew Member


Help save lives and stand to win R50 000 every month and R100 000 annually for supporting Sea Rescue. As a regular supporter of the National Sea Rescue Institute, you will not only help save many lives, you will also ...

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Break the grip of the Rip®


Rip currents can develop anywhere where there are breaking waves. These rivers of current are made by water draining from the beach and flowing back out to sea. Ranging in width from just a few metres to a hundred metres ...

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Travel Agent Fraud Alert


Tourism Tattler came across the following scam perpetrated against a travel agent and thought it worthy of bringing to our readers’ attention.  Imagine being conned by a smooth-talking, well-dressed client who buys more than 67 air tickets worth R445 000 in ...

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BAD NEWS travels fast


Reading Peter Hayward’s letter on our Discussion Page has prompted the Tourism Tattler to look carefully at reported attacks on tourists around the globe this year. One thing stands out very clearly – in this age of swift communication, you ...

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Tourism Crime in South Africa?


    Searching the internet for just about anything with the words South Africa in the search field is bound to return something about crime. But how does this negative information impact inbound tourism and a tourist’s decision to visit the ...

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tsi Makes unique contribution


The marine accident in Cape Town recently, involving a seal watching cruise from Hout Bay made international headlines. While the loss of life was tragic, much credit is due to the local emergency services and tourist assistance programmes for the ...

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tsi Plans the Way Forward


The Tourism Safety Initiative (tsi) has now completed a three-phase strategy for future development. A primary objective has been the resourcing of the project especially in terms of information and intelligence management, writes Annelie Barkema. Online Intelligence has been established ...

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