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Benguela Current Health Check


A sustainable Benguela Current ecosystem is the lifeblood of the ‘Ocean Economy’ on South Africa’s West Coast – supporting fisheries, tourism and recreation, and thousands of jobs. Like any living system, it needs regular health check-ups, and significant progress in ...

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New Frog Species Discovered in South Africa


Cape Town, 01 April 2017: A new frog species discovered in the Western Cape province of South Africa, so closely resembles a strawberry that it has been named the Strawberry Frog or scientifically as Phyllobates Fragaria Lirpa. By Tourism Tattler editor, Des ...

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The Impact of Drought on SA’s Wildlife Environment


To provide a better understanding of Tourism Tattler’s feature regarding the impact of drought on South Africa’s game reserves and wildlife environment – and with specific reference to the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park (HiP) reserve – I have repeated an article ...

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Taking Action Against Plastic


To kerb the disastrous environmental impact of plastics, a new report released by the World Economic Forum provides a tangible plan for the global plastics industry to take action across all types of plastic packaging. In just over half a ...

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Lalibela Launches Enviro Rehab Project


A long term project that aims to eradicate alien invasive plant species and re-introduce endemic flora is underway at Lalibela Private Game Reserve, located in the malaria-free Eastern Cape province of South Africa. By Des langkilde. Following the sale of ...

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War Against Alien Invasive Trees


The ‘big guns’ in the arsenal of alien invader trees are the Australian wattles (Acacia spp.), gum trees (Eucalyptus spp.), pines, poplars, weeping willows and mesquite. By 2010, these plants had spread over 16% of South Africa’s land area – ...

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Strange but True facts on just about Everything


Share your knowledge – if you have a Strange but True fact on anything related to Africa, simply email editor@tourismtattler.com and we’ll add it to the list. Absinthe is another name for the herb wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and the name of ...

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Case Study: The Boardwalk’s Environmental Sustainability


The Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World in Port Elizabeth continues to subscribe by its mantra; reduce, reuse and recycle − a commitment to promote and conserve a sustainable environment and community, while reducing waste and energy consumption. As captured in ...

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Environmental Tourism – Part 1


This series on Environmental Tourism is published in three parts, with acknowledgement to the United Nations Environment Programme. Part 1 deals with the main impact areas of Environmental Tourism. Environmental Tourism, which is also referred to as Ecotourism, Sustainable Tourism ...

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Environmental Tourism – Part 2


Part 1 in this series covered environmental impacts and can be found here. Part 2, which has been extracted with acknowledgement to the United Nations Environment Programme, deals with the environmental impacts of tourism from a global perspective. Environmental Impacts of ...

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Environmental Tourism – Part 3


Part 1 in this series covered environmental impacts and can be found here, while Part 2 dealt with the environmental impacts of tourism from a global perspective. Part 3, which has been extracted with acknowledgement to the United Nations Environment Programme, deals ...

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Greening your Tourism Business


The tourism industry is often subjected to fads and fashions, and businesses struggle to keep up with these rapidly changing requirements – often for naught, because customers quickly move on to the next craze. But environmental friendliness is a trend ...

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STPP supports Climate Leadership Corps Training


The Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme (STPP) and the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme have announced training dates for the popular Climate Reality Leadership Corps, which currently includes more than 6000 Climate Leaders from over 100 countries. Now in their seventh year, these ...

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Responsible Tourism & the Environment


The Earth Day Network will be promoting its Green Cities campaign on 22 April 2014. Launched in 2013, the Green Cities campaign aims to help cities around the world become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. Focused on three ...

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Mtunzini Conservancy: Appeal against Water use license of TRONOX


This message is about the campaign to address the proposed sand dune mining to the South of the town of Mtunzini, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The Mtunzini Conservancy (Reg. No. 2007/006455/08) is a Non Profit Company (NPC) with Section 18A ...

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Samara Introduces New Mandela Landscapes Tour

samara logo

Samara Private Game Reserve in South Africa’s beautiful Eastern Cape, is delighted to announce a new seven day tour which will celebrate the life and origins of the great Nelson Mandela.  The Eastern Cape was the centre of the Apartheid ...

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BirdLife South Africa welcomes code of conduct for wind energy


BirdLife South Africa has welcomed the recent launch of the South African Wind Energy Association’s (SAWEA) recommended Code of Conduct for Wind Energy Development. It is often suggested that birds and wind energy are not compatible.  While it is true ...

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Access to Climate Change Finance


The National Business Initiative’s latest research report presents a private sector view on eleven barriers to climate finance in South Africa with a view to enhancing Green Climate Funding in the country, writes Marjorie Dean. The National Business Initiative (NBI) ...

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Eco-Entrepreneurs needed to save our earth


Whilst capitalism is certainly responsible for most, if not all our current environmental problems – it is also the most effective tool we have to address the environmental crisis we face. writes Jason Drew. We have used capitalism and markets ...

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