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Making the Most of an African Safari


Tourists come to South Africa for two things – sun and safari. But do they understand that in order to see the Big-5 in their natural habitat it’s bound to rain at some point? So how do lodges help guests ...

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World Pangolin Day 2017: What the Trade Ban Means for Conservation


Pangolins gained the highest level of protection under CITES with the decision to bring in a ban on international trade. In this article, Dan Challender from IUCN’s Global Species Programme and Co-Chair of IUCN’s SSC Pangolin Specialist Group looks at ...

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Recording Wildlife Spotting Online

WildSpots.org wildlife spotters

  WildSpots.org is a free iOS and Android mobile application and website for recording the migration and distribution of individual animal, bird and insect species across southern Africa. Game reserves, wildlife conservancies, NGOs and tourists alike are invited to share ...

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Open Letter: China’s Wildlife Crimes in Namibia


In this Open Letter to China’s Ambassador Xin Shunkang, Dr Chris Brown, CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, demands that the Chinese government takes responsibility and leadership in addressing the illegal trade in wildlife and commits to stopping all ...

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Exploring Game Capacity at Big Five Reserves


Ever wondered why some game reserves have more Big Five sightings than others? This article provides the answers. By Des Langkilde. According to Vernon Wait, owner of South African based tour operator Pembury Tours, who specialise in safaris to some ...

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Anti-Poaching: To Rescue or to Shoot Injured Wildlife?


While on a game drive through a reserve in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, our tour group spotted two animals that had fallen victim to poaching snares. Both were still alive and lumbering through the bush in obvious pain and agony. What would ...

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Blood Lions & Wild Dogs


A coalition of three male lions was collared and released from their holding boma into the uMkhuze section of the South Africa’s first world heritage site, the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, late on the 18th of October 2016. By Debbie Cooper. ...

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Lalibela Repopulates Game Reserve


The three main aspects of any African safari are the game-viewing, the accommodation and the food. But the main reason why tourists go on safari is to view game and, as an inbound industry, we should try to remember this ...

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Remembering Cecil the Lion on World Lion Day


Editors note: World Lion Day, celebrated on 10 August 2016, is an independent campaign working to highlight the importance of the lion globally and to raise lion conservation awareness worldwide. The article below is very relevant to this cause, as ...

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The Other Side of the Rhino War


A heart wrenching account of life as a Game Ranger’s daughter. This article details the fear and trials that the families of those who fight in the war against rhino poaching must face – and the devastating results of failure. ...

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Meerkat Adventures


A meerkat conservation project established in 2008 to educate both farmers and tourists alike on the need for protection of these shy suricate’s has developed into a unique tourist attraction and South Africa’s first meerkat sanctuary, writes Des Langkilde. I ...

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Vulture Saving Initiative Takes Flight


VulPro is proud to announce the launch of a funding partnership with UK based The Hawking Centre, writes Kerri Wolter. Support for VulPro’s work is hugely needed and much appreciated. The Hawking Centre’s belief in our mission means the world ...

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Eskom Carnage On Vultures Continues


The recent discovery of another 4 Cape vultures found electrocuted by the Eskom distribution network in the Eastern Cape, should ring alarm bells for the environmental management division of Eskom, writes Kerri Wolter. The South African Electricity Supply Commission (Eskom) ...

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Elephant-friendly Tourism Pledge Appeal


World Animal Protection are appealing to the travel trade to show their commitment to elephant-firendly tourism by signing a pledge. The appalling cruelty inflicted upon Asian elephants used for tourist rides and shows is now spreading throughout southern Africa, reveals ...

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Vultures and Aviation


Vultures are listed as endangered and VulPro are appealing to pilots to respect Africa’s vultures and their habitat. Even one lost egg or chick is one vulture too many, writes Kerri Wolter. Vultures evoke strong emotions from many different individuals ...

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Rwanda Gorilla Naming Ceremony


Tourists from Around the World Will Travel to Rwanda for the 11th Annual Kwita Izina, Themed “Conserving Now and For the Future” Kigali, Rwanda – On September 5th, 2015, the Rwanda Development Board will host the eleventh annual Kwita Izina ...

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Rhino Award Winners


The heroic actions of those that fight for the conservation of rhino were recently acknowledged, celebrated and rewarded at the 2015 Rhino Conservation Awards, writes Andrew Campbell of the Game Ranger’s Association of Africa. At the gala-dinner ceremony, held on ...

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Rhino Conservation Awards Honour Rangers


Game rangers are the soldiers on the frontlines in the war against the desecration of a species, putting their lives and that of their families on the line for nature conservation, writes Andrew Campbell of the Game Ranger’s Association of ...

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Call for China to Support Africa Conservation


Following Tourism Tattler’s article ‘Taking Responsible Tourism to China’ in the April edition, Dorria Watt follows up with the outcome on Deborah Calmeyer’s presentation to guests at the prestigious ‘Her Village International Forum’ in Beijing, China. So strong was the ...

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The Business of Conservation


This article is extracted from a lecture presented by Paul Tudor Jones II, at the University of Glasgow’s Bute Hall in November 2014. In his lecture titled ‘The Business of Conservation’ Mr Jones addressed the role of philanthropy as a ...

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Shark Research on the Whale Coast


Whale Coast Conservation’s innovative public participation programme, asks holiday-makers and students to collect shark egg cases found along the Cape Whale Coast beaches and rocky coastline to assist in research, writes Des Langkilde. While visiting the Cape Whale Coast region ...

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2015 – Year of the Rhino?


Unofficially, the national statistic for rhino poaching deaths in South Africa during 2014 is 1173 – will 2015 be any better? By Tourism Tattler contributors, Trevor & Susan Barrett. Even the official statistic of 1020 poached rhino (as at 20 ...

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Rhino Orphanage Raffles for Funds


The Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage is a refuge in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa where orphaned rhino from poaching are welcomed and cared for, writes Des Langkilde. Buy a Raffle Ticket for a Weekend at Thula Thula To raise funds for the ...

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Trade in Rhino Horn Debate


The August 2014 edition of the Tourism Tattler magazine features 5 pages of in-depth articles on the rising debate in South Africa over the trade in rhino horn and how best to conserve the species from extinction. To read these ...

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World Heritage Sites List for Africa


The importance of World Heritage sites in Africa cannot be underestimated. World Heritage sites belong to all the peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located. A UNESCO World Heritage listing ensures that the natural ...

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Botswana’s Okavango Delta


Botswana’s Okavango Delta became the 1000th site inscribed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage List on 22 June. This significant listing increases Africa’s protected resources to 89 properties. By Des Langkilde. The Okavango was ...

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CACH Accused of Harming Conservation


Is the Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) a threat to conservation? – You decide! Three large NGO’s dominate the SA conservation landscape. WWF, EWT, and WESSA (Wildlife and Environmental Society of SA.) All three are pro-hunting, and lobby for the ...

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Open Invitation To The Travel Industry


Tourism Tattler supports the following Open Invitational letter initiated by Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan of the Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) and urges readers to support this initiative. The Code of Practice suggestion noted in the five point plan is ...

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OSCAP Rhino Conference


UPDATE: The OSCAP rhino trade conference in Johannesburg last week resolved to act against any proposals to legalise the rhino horn trade. CNBC Africa interviewed Environmental Economist Michael’t Sas Rolfes and Colin Bell, MD of Africa’s Finest to discuss the ...

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March for Lions – A Roaring Success


The Global March for Lions held on March 15th was a roaring success in terms of support and media exposure. Now the real fight starts. By Des Langkilde. Despite thousands of protestors marching for lions in cities around the world, ...

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March for Lions on March 15th


What to do when Sustainable Use, becomes Sustained Abuse Join the Global March for Lions to stop the canned hunting industry in South Africa and put pressure on governments to stop the importation of lion parts. And if you think that ...

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Plan B for Rhino Conservation


The tragedy of the horn debate is that South Africa’s highly respected rhino custodians (park authorities, field rangers, anti-poaching, monitoring teams) and even politicians have embraced a failed, pro-trade economic model as the answer to the rhino crisis. By Colin ...

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Major Victory in Conservation Battle


Following the feature article “Virunga Under Oil Threat – DR Congo”  published in the Tourism Tattler October 2013 edition (pages 10-11) in support of the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF®) “Draw the Line” petition, a major corporate social responsibility agency has ...

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Tanzania elephant poaching under UN spotlight


Failing to combat poaching of elephants and illegal trade in ivory, Tanzania has been placed under the United Nations (UN) spotlight for possible trade sanctions, while conservationists are looking at international intervention to end crime in poaching of wild species ...

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€14.4 Million Boost to Fund Rhino Anti-Poaching


The fight against rhino poaching has received a boost, with a international pledge of €14.4 million (R232.2 million) to the Peace Parks Foundation. South Africa’s Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Minister Edna Molewa has lauded the R232.2 million grant ...

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Say No to Trade in Rhino Horn


The highly questionable motive to reinstate a legalised trade in rhino horn, as is currently being purported by numerous “conservationists” and businessmen in South Africa, is squaring the South African Government up for a nasty and unnecessary fight, especially in ...

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Global March for Lions – 15 March 2014


South African wildlife activists have initiated a Global March for Lions that will be held in designated cities throughout the world to highlight the plight of lions embroiled in the canned hunting industry. The march is to be held on ...

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10 Years of Xmas Babies for Elephants Alive


Elephants Alive thought you would enjoy some photos of baby elephants which we have sighted over the past 10 years. Michelle Henley and the Elephants Alive team have had some special moments with the endearing little ones and sent a glimpse ...

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Poaching: Latest News in Africa


Is it all bad news in the war, poachers vs wildlife? Oxpeckers reports on the latest developments. Click on a link to read more. 3 Rhinos killed at iSimangaliso Wetland Park 4 Suspected poachers 1 Suspect poacher killed, 2 wounded, ...

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Thula Thula Rhinos Dye


To face the harsh reality of rhino poaching in South Africa, rhino horn infusion is being used as a security measure that may be the best solution to protect the dwindling populations. THULA THULA EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE GAME RESERVE in KwaZulu-Natal, ...

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Midlands Meander Association supports rare Karkloof Blue butterfly


The Midlands Meander Association recently donated R10 000 to the Endangered Karkloof Blue Butterfly Conservation Programme as part of their longstanding commitment to the survival of the extremely rare species. The butterfly forms part of the logo of the Midlands Meander ...

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End of the Road for Rhino Knights


After traversing 9,259km on foot and bicycle around Southern Africa for rhino, Isabel Wolf-Gillespie finally completed the marathon journey after four months and eighteen days on the road, and arrived back in Durban on Wednesday 18th September at 17:30pm. Here’s ...

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Virunga Under Oil Threat – DR Congo


Ever heard of Virunga? It’s Africa’s oldest national park, and a treasured World Heritage Site, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and it could be threatened by oil exploration, writes Des Langkilde. Rainforests, volcanoes, rare and beautiful wildlife – ...

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Serengeti Highway Update


Tanzanian contracts awarded to tarmac roads West of the Serengeti Serengeti Watch, a non-profit organisation founded to oppose the Tanzania Governments intention to build a commercial highway across the Serengeti National Park, has discovered via a report published in the ...

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Rhino Knights Update


After traversing South Africa, Namibia and Botswana Isabel Wolf-Gillespie reports on her progress from Zimbabwe, since departing on her 10,000km journey in May to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s dwindling rhino population. We got to Victoria Falls on ...

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Samara Introduces New Mandela Landscapes Tour

samara logo

Samara Private Game Reserve in South Africa’s beautiful Eastern Cape, is delighted to announce a new seven day tour which will celebrate the life and origins of the great Nelson Mandela.  The Eastern Cape was the centre of the Apartheid ...

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Rhino Knights Update 3


After traversing South Africa and Namibia Isabel Wolf-Gillespie reports on her progress from Botswana, since departing on her arduous 10,000km journey in May to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s dwindling rhino population. Namibia has taken a very special ...

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Can we afford to experiment with rhinos?


The recent announcement by the South African Minster of Environment, expressing the South African Government’s endorsement of a proposal to sell rhino horn, is disconcerting, albeit not surprising. By Jason Bell. The government’s international lobby started at the 16th meeting ...

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The Economics Of The Illegal Wildlife Trade


The illegal trade of animals or animal parts has become one of the most lucrative black market activities in the world. Driven by the promise of high profit margins, poachers in Africa – namely militias, armed groups, and insurgent groups ...

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Rhino Knights Update


Isabel Wolf-Gillespie reports on her progress since departing on her arduous 10,000km journey in May to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s dwindling rhino population. Today is the 23rd of June and four weeks have passed since my last ...

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Greed beats logic: why a legal rhino horn trade won’t work


Further to the article ‘To Breed, to Dehorn or to Poison?‘ that I posted under the Tourism Tattler’s ‘Conservation’ subject header in May, this article by guest blogger Paul Newman – Press & Communications Officer at Environmental Investigation Agency takes an ...

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Rhino Knights Update


Following our article published in the May edition (‘A Rhino Knight’s Tale’), Isabel Wolf-Gillespie reports on her progress since departing on her arduous 10,000km journey to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s dwindling rhino population. Wow, what an amazing ...

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To Breed, to Dehorn or to Poison?


The debate on how best to conserve Africa’s dwindling rhino population rages on. Is flooding the market with legally harvested rhino horn an option or is injecting poison into the horns of wild rhino a better option? Asks Des Langkilde. ...

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A Rhino Knight’s Tale


In early 2009, the entire population of eleven Rhino were killed on an Eastern Cape reserve where we ran our horse trail business. This was the first time that rhino poaching became real to Lloyd and me, which sparked deep ...

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SANParks plans ahead with Responsible Tourism Strategy


South African National Parks (SANParks) has released its 2022 Responsible Tourism Strategy (2022 RTS), which plans ahead to overcome potential funding shortfalls, adjust to changing visitor needs and embrace community interaction, writes Des Langkilde. According to Glenn Phillips, SANParks Managing ...

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Go Wild


Multiple entrance fees to South Africa’s national parks can be a tad expensive for international tourists, but advising them to buy a Wild Card prior to arrival will lessen the blow, writes Des Langkilde. The daily conservation fee for International ...

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Seychelles launches Sustainable Tourism Label logo


The Seychelles launched its Sustainable Tourism Label programme and logo during a ceremony organised as part of the islands’ celebration of the United Nations World Tourism Day on 27 September 2011, writes Des Langkilde. The ‘Sustainable Tourism Label’ is an ...

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Will a highway destroy Tanzania’s Serengeti?


Award winning journalist, Don George spoke with Dave Blanton, Executive Director and co-founder of Serengeti Watch, about the current status of the proposed highway and what will happen to the Serengeti and Tanzania’s tourism industry if the plan proceeds. Background ...

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Strategic partnership for Rhino


Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (Ezemvelo), the Wildlands Conservation Trust (Wildlands) and the African Conservation Trust (ACT) have formed a strategic partnership aimed at stopping rhino poaching in Ezemvelo’s protected areas, writes Dr Andrew Venter. “The poaching of our Province’s rhino can ...

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Keeping track of Penguins


Where do African Penguins go when they’re not breeding? This may sound like the opening line to a lame joke, but currently it’s a fascinating scientific question, the answers to which could help stop the precipitous population decrease of this ...

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IOTC moves to protect Albatrosses


The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) has agreed to measures that, if appropriately implemented by tuna longline fishing vessels, will result in significant reductions in albatross mortality, writes Dr Cleo Small. The Indian Ocean is home to globally important populations ...

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More South African birds “in the red”


BirdLife International has announced the 2012 update of the IUCN Red List for birds. This is the first update since the 2008 Threatened Birds of the World, a comprehensive assessment of the status of the world’s birds, writes Hanneline Smit. ...

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Combating rhino poaching


Since Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles donated six Volkswagen Amarok bakkies to the Wilderness Foundation’s Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative in June 2011, the vehicles have travelled almost 300 000 kilometres and have been used in a large number of successful anti-poaching ...

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Rhino Killing – South Africa meets Hong Kong


A high level South African delegation visited Hong Kong in August and have identified information exchange, awareness and education, enforcement and technology sharing as central to efforts aimed at addressing rhino poaching in South Africa, writes Albi Modise. The Hong ...

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Experience of a lifetime with Rhino


This was made possible by Jacqui Hadingham and Filippo Faralla, a Durban couple with an overflowing passion for conservation, who bid on the package at a fundraising auction held at Christies in London last year, giving them an experience of ...

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Another milestone reached as TRACKS of Giants team kayaks into Zambia


Specialist wilderness guide, photojournalist and naturalist Ian Michler, and medical doctor, psychiatrist, writer and conservationist, Ian McCallum, are two of the core members of the Tracks team. They are joined by a backup team, and various sponsors and supporters along ...

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