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SA Tourism Stats: Jan-Dec 2016

While South Africa’s 12.8% increase in the number of overnight tourists recorded during 2016 compared to those recorded during 2015 is laudable, further analysis of the data reveals there’s still significant work to be done to ensure long-term, sustainable and successful tourism growth.

By Martin Jansen van Vuuren of Grant Thornton.

Read the full 2016 tourism stats analysis by Lee-Anne Bac ‘Can South Africa Sustain Tourism Growth’ here.

The information below was extracted from data available as at 01 March 2017.

*Note that  African Arrivals plus Overseas Arrivals do not add to Total Foreign Arrivals due to the exclusion of unspecified arrivals, which could not be allocated to either African or Overseas.

SA-Tourism-Stats-Jan-Dec-2016 south african tourism statistics SA Tourism Stats: Jan-Dec 2016 SA Tourism Stats Jan Dec 2016



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