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Experience of a lifetime with Rhino

This was made possible by Jacqui Hadingham and Filippo Faralla, a Durban couple with an overflowing passion for conservation, who bid on the package at a fundraising auction held at Christies in London last year, giving them an experience of a lifetime in witnessing the conservation efforts of Wildlands up close and personal with live rhino, as well as the opportunity to share it with 4 of their friends.

Trackers, from Wildlife ACT Fund, set out on foot first thing in the morning to find the rhino. Once located the helicopter was dispatched, flown by pilot Vere Van Heerden (Helicon) and accompanied by Veterinary specialist Dave Cooper (KZN Wildlife). Dave darted the rhino from the air and a race to the animal then ensued. “The rhino needs to be ‘under’ for as short a time as possible while the team work on fitting satellite tracking devices, to either its horn or by means of a foot collar,” mentions Dave Cooper, who keeps a watchful eye on the rhino at all times and ensures the process is as quick and comfortable for the animal as possible.

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