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E-Tolls – What Now?

Following the Constitutional Court’s decision to set aside the interdict on eTolls (which effectively allows SANRAL to startE-Tolls – What Now? oct12 letters outa tolling if they can or want to), what now for the various anti-eToll movements and OUTA’s challenge? Note must be made of the fact that a full judicial review will still take place from 26 to 28 November in the North Gauteng High Court, and that the possibility of halting e-Tolls then is still very real and possible.

This may seem a tad confusing, following the Constitutional Court’s judgment.  Essentially, this Con Court judgment merely stipulated that the High Court judgment in April should have granted a judicial review to happen, but that Judge Prinsloo should not have ruled for a temporary halt (interdict) to e-Tolls whilst the review was being formulated and conducted.  In other words, that the (executive powers of) government’s decision to introduce a policy of e-tolls should not be interfered with on a temporary basis, until the judgment from the judicial review comes into effect.

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