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A Guide to Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism, or culture tourism as it is sometimes called, is a type of niche tourism that attempts to represent the stories and lifestyles of the people from the past and in the present authentically. As such, it places particular focus on art, architecture, religion, food, clothing and anything else that may have contributed to shaping a group of people’s way of life. By Yvonne Nhuta.

This kind of tourism normally occurs in urban areas with particular historical significance or cultural facilities, such as museums and theatres. Cultural tourism also highlights the various traditions of indigenous communities through observing their rituals, customs as well as their values and lifestyle. Tourism, therefore, serves as the carrier of culture and cultural tourism has become the platform for cultural consumption.

As a powerful tool for economic development, tourism is responsible for jobs, providing new business opportunities and strengthening local economies. When cultural tourism is done effectively it can aid in securing an area’s natural and cultural resources, while improving the quality of life for residents and visitors. One of the main ideas behind this kind of niche tourism is that people should be able to save their heritage and culture while sharing it with visitors and reaping the economic benefits of tourism.

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