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'Bugs & Bones' Walk

Kwandwe Kids Go Green

Kwandwe Private Game Reserve’s has launched its new Blue Crane Conservation Club, introducing an eco theme and new ‘see & learn’ activities to their kiddies safari programme.  Apart from simply having fun whilst learning all about the wildlife on the reserve, the aim is to teach young Kwandwe guests about green living and to inspire them to take up their own initiatives once back at home.

Children receive fun and educational gifts on arrival  Kwandwe Kids Go Green Kids038 e1389612970279

Children receive fun and educational gifts on arrival

Children receive a backpack that includes a Blue Crane Conservation Booklet comprising animal check lists, themed games and puzzles as well as a list of environmentally friendly activities to accomplish.  They will be encouraged to email in drawings and photos of their safari as well as of the eco initiatives they are carrying out back at home which will be posted on Kwandwe’s Facebook for all to admire.  Also included in the packs are crayons for the little ones and pencils in recycled tubes for the older kids, a reusable BPA-free water bottle and a ‘Frolicking Rhino’ range of bath products (Kwandwe supports The Bespoke Amenities Co. who created this range in support of their efforts to eradicate rhino poaching).




Planting Spekboom to offset their carbon footprint  Kwandwe Kids Go Green Kids502

Planting Spekboom to offset their carbon footprint

The new eco activities include a Bugs & Bones walk, a great way to stretch little legs and learn all about this ecologically diverse reserve whilst searching for insects, bones and skulls and being taught how to identify animal tracks and droppings.  Children too will have the opportunity to offset their (own small) carbon footprint by planting Spekboom, a type of thicket vegetation that is native to the Eastern Cape and prolific at Kwandwe and one of the top five carbon-storing vegetations on the planet. 




Volunteering at the Community Centre  Kwandwe Kids Go Green Kwandwe 72

Volunteering at the Community Centre

Families can also participate in Kwandwe’s voluntourism activities through the reserve’s Angus Gillis Foundation, which works with communities living on and surrounding the reserve. Activities are tailored according to individual and family interests and skillsets. For young guests this includes assisting with gardening projects at the local Mgcamabele Community; playing with the pre-school kids and participating in arts and craft activities including Kwandwe’s ‘Knit a Bit’ programme. The knitted squares are joined to make blankets and given to the Angus Gillis Foundation that distributes them to the needy communities surrounding Kwandwe.



Hooves & Stripes game drives for little ones  Kwandwe Kids Go Green Kwandwe 77

Hooves & Stripes game drives for little ones

On safari the under 6’s enjoy a dedicated Hooves & Stripes adventure – with or without their parents – to view ‘non-aggressive’ game such as giraffe, zebra, monkeys and warthogs.  Kids can also join the rangers to try their luck at fishing, giving mum and dad a couple of relaxing hours to themselves.





Baking time  Kwandwe Kids Go Green Kids375

Baking time

Back at the lodge children learn more about recycling and how to care for our planet playing one of the new eco educational board games. There is also face painting, Plaster of Paris mould making and Sand Art, another new addition that keeps littlies entertained for hours.  Alternatively they can join the chefs in the interactive kitchens baking biscuits, making chocolate spider webs and insects and even their own pizzas for supper.  The specially designed ‘Chefs in Training’ aprons and toques will not only ensure they look like professionals, but they will feel professional and stay clean!

A newly designed children’s menu includes fun and nutritional mealtime options, categorised under “Something yummy for your tummy” (including chicken kebabs served with rice and veggies, vegetable soup with freshly baked bread, fish cakes with homemade chips and veggies, to name but a few) and “Something sweet as a treat” (including fresh fruit salad, homemade ice cream with a choice of toppings and homemade chocolate brownies).

Wrapping up the day, and also part of Kwandwe’s see and learn theme, the staff have written a series of African bedtime stories recalled from their own childhood that recount how the reserve came to be the conservation and community success story that it is today.

For more information and bookings contact Kwandwe Private Game Reserve

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 FOR MORE PRESS INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Saskia Brown, Sales & Marketing Manager  saskia@kwandwe.co.za


About the Frolicking Rhino range:  It carries a fun and colorful, yet powerful message about rhino poaching. A message that’s easily shared, therefore creating awareness, and educating people in a positive way. It is linked to a Wildlife Charity that puts 100% of these funds towards fighting poaching on ground level – the money is spent on action.

About Eco initiatives to take home:  These include recycling ideas, water conservation tips, suggestions of eco apps to download, calendars marking key events to celebrate or support and local conservation clubs to join back at home.