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Palm Sky
Palm Sky

PHOTOBLOG: Zanzi Shots

After sifting through a few photos taken with a “mik-en-druk” camera as the Afrikaans people would say, I’ve selected a few shots I’ve taken during my trip to Zanzibar. Enjoy!

Zanzibar's Floating Boats  PHOTOBLOG: Zanzi Shots Zanzi 1 Final

Zanzibar’s Floating Boats

Serenity  PHOTOBLOG: Zanzi Shots Zanzi 2 Final


Sailing Solo  PHOTOBLOG: Zanzi Shots Zanzi 3 Final

Sailing Solo

Goat from the Coast  PHOTOBLOG: Zanzi Shots Zanzi 4 Final

Goat from the Coast

Palm Sky  PHOTOBLOG: Zanzi Shots Zanzi 7 Final

Palm Sky

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