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2018 Content Marketing Deal

Ace the competition by gaining online traction and generating new leads this year. Content marketing is predicted to remain king in 2018, so here’s our deal for your travel destination or tourism business.

And you can activate your content marketing deal at anytime before 30 June 2018. But you’ll have to hurry – the first 10 deals have already sold out, but we’ve added another 5, so the first five digital marketers who respond between now and 31 January 2018 get the deal.

Here’s what you will get:

1. Editorial Content

2018 Content Marketing Deal Tattler Keyboard Blog
Get either two (2) featured advertorial posts on our website with back-links to your website/promotion, including images, search engine optimisation (SEO), and slider promotion. Or opt for six (6) featured posts instead of taking the banner ads – your choice.

2. Social Media Engagement 

2018 Content Marketing Deal Tattler Social Media Keyboard
Your featured articles/promotions will be posted on our Apple News channel and shared on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr (with YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest being optional additional channels). And we will also Follow / Like your social media channels.

3. Banner Advertisement 

2018 Content Marketing Deal Website Banner Sizes
A static banner ad on our homepage for 2-months. Your choice of size and format (Landscape, Giant, Square, or Skyscraper – see image above for size positioning). Note that you can opt for 4 additional article/promotion posts instead of taking the website & newsletter banner ad – your choice.

4. Newsletter Banner Ad & Content Links

2018 Content Marketing Deal Weekly News Banners
We’ll include your featured advertorial/promotion blog post titles with a hyperlink PLUS your Banner Ad in one weekly newsletter sent to subscribers each month during your chosen two promotional months. Unless, of course, you’ve opted for more blog posts and no banner ads, in which case your posts will be featured in our weekly newsletter on the Wednesday following each post activation.

5. Tracking and Engagement Report

2018 Content Marketing Deal Tracking Screen Shot
We’ll track your featured advertorial/banner and supply a report to measure readership (views) and engagement (back-links to your website) after 30-days, 3-Months, and 6-Months (SEO takes time to kick in, so it’s important to measure the long-term effect of your promotion).

So, What’s the Deal?

Our 2018 rate card values the above digital marketing elements at R36,760 (ZAR). But, if you are one of the first lucky ten marketers to respond now, you’ll get a 72% discount – that’s just R10,293! (about 831 USD / 693 EUR / 617 GBP at today’s currency exchange rate).

A saving of R26,467 – Now that’s a deal!

PLUS: We’ll write your editorial copy and design / originate your banner ad material at no additional cost too.

To secure your Content Marketing Deal email editor@tourismtattler.com with the subject headline “2018 Content Marketing Deal” before 31 January 2018.

T&Cs Apply.