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Debt Reduction a step-by-step plan

So you are in debt. You might have a little debt, a lot of debt or you may even have no debt at all. Makes no difference. This simple debt reduction plan will get you out of debt and will help you stay out of debt.

This plan won’t cost you anything – just your time, discipline, patience and perseverance. Here is how the plan works in sequence;

Step One – be honest with yourself
Money abuse is like any other form of substance abuse. If you are going to make a start to regain your financial freedom then the first step is to admit that you have a problem and that you are going to embark on a process that is going to get you out of debt for good. Money is a strange thing. We often hide from our problems and park things like debt in the denial space. Share your problem with family and close friends. Why? Simple, you will be doing things a little differently from now on and this will mean a change in habits and behaviour.

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