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How to pull out of a slump

I hope nobody told you the travel business was easy. I attended a Cruise World forum in Seattle, USA where the
travel professionals in attendance seemed upbeat about business prospects, affirming the general sentiment that pent-up demand for travel is taking hold of the general public, writes
Richard Earls.

We have all experienced a slump in our business activity.  Suddenly things grow quiet, too quiet.  The reasons for a slump can be purely individual and unpredictable, but down-turns in business can be reversed if you take appropriate measures. Immediate action is the key. The worst thing you can do is “wait and see”- a slump is psychologically tough to handle, but giving into depression is self-defeating and prolongs the misery.

If you don’t seem to be picking up the momentum you are expecting, if your business is running a bit behind the curve you see others trending, let me suggest a few tactics that can put you and your sales back on track:

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