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SA Tourism Stats – March 2016

Analyses of Statistics South Africa data shows that foreign arrivals declined in 2015 and were at similar levels to 2013, writes Martin Jansen van Vuuren of Grant Thornton South Africa.

A ray of hope is that foreign arrivals did start to increase in the last quarter of 2015.  As stated in February report, the tourism industry in South Africa is currently being propped up by domestic tourism as evident in the increase in arrivals on domestic flights.  It is hoped that the depreciation of the Rand coupled to the implementation of the revised visa regulations will lead to a full recovery in the growth of foreign arrivals to supplement domestic tourism.

*Note that in the table below, African Arrivals plus Overseas Arrivals do not add to Total Foreign Arrivals due to the exclusion of unspecified arrivals, which could not be allocated to either African or Overseas.


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