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Slot Losing Streak: When to Stop Betting

No matter how good gamblers are at playing casino games, they will, at some point, invariably lose. However, there is a vast difference between losing a couple of bets and losing far more than a player can afford to lose.

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The first level of loss, losing what the player can afford, looks at the experience for what it is; entertainment. Perhaps an evening out with friends, perhaps the player has faced a small loss but has had a good time, perhaps they have even had a small win but it’s been fun and nothing else, so it is easy to walk away – click here.

However, the second level of loss is when a player keeps betting, despite losses already made. This is known as a losing streak and for more regular players, it may be harder to stop. Even players who set budgets prior to playing usually end up continuing and going over their budget once the losing streak kicks in. Generally, the thinking is that during the next round the player will be able to recoup his or her losses, however, there is no logical reasoning for this and the circle continues.

Emotions following a spiral of loss often result in a sense of shame, frustration, or even anger, which urges players to continue the losing streak, convinced that eventually their luck will turn and they will have a winning run. However, a win also encourages players to continue, thinking they are now on a winning streak and can’t be beaten.  To avoid this from happening, players should set a budget and stick to it. That way, once the budgeted amount has been lost, there simply is no more available to play with. Players should try leaving their credit cards at home, or with a friend, to resist the temptation of betting more on the game.

Casinos worldwide apply a number of methods to entice players not to quit regardless of whether they are on a losing or a winning streak. Casinos are deliberately designed and furnished with the sophisticated decor and carnival-like atmosphere to create an affluent and fun ambience so that average players feel a little out of their depth but lulled into feeling excited and optimistic. Oxygen is pumped around the casino to keep players awake and alert and generally, there aren’t any clocks or windows so the player isn’t reminded of the time and continues betting. Complimentary food and drinks are usually served, often including alcohol, which entices players to stay longer, and the more players drink, the more likely they are to continue betting.  Whether it is a game of blackjack, roulette, or slot machines, they all end up with the same adrenaline fix and the same compulsion to continue playing.

In summary, then, players should set a budget, stop when the budget has been exhausted, and above all, stop trying to beat the system. Generally, the casino always wins; not the players. But that doesn’t mean that playing, and betting, at casinos, should be avoided at all costs. Just remember; it’s a game played for entertainment. Treat it as such, know when to stop, and leave having had a couple of hours of fun rather than endless regret.

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