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Casino slot machines

Slot Tricks and Tips That Work

Historically slot machines paid out in cigarettes, sweets and free drinks. These days slot machines payout with credits which can be used against other games, or money, and sometimes big money.

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The overall aim of playing at slotsbaby.com, however, is to win the potential jackpot so here are some top tips for playing slot machines and winning at them.

It sounds obvious but the higher the denomination slot the better the chances are at winning and the higher the payout. For example, a £2 bet has a higher chance to win than a £1 bet.  Remember though, the bigger the bet, the higher the risk. There are slot machines that rarely payout and they are usually the ones with the lower denominations. It is better to avoid them, as they are less likely to payout.

Progressive slot game jackpots

A progressive slot machine is a game where the jackpot increases each time the game is played and not necessarily each time the game is played in the same traditional land-based casino or from the same device but it can be each time it is played across the globe. If the player places a stake that is eligible they are in with a chance to win the progressive jackpot which can sometimes be millions of pounds or dollars! There is no knowing when the game may payout though, nor does the game stop at a specified amount so it certainly is the luck of the draw, however, some players believe that they can measure the period of time in between the game paying out to try and determine when the next payout could be and ensure that they are playing the game at that time.

Generally, the more complicated the slot machine is, the lower the chances are of winning. The first slot machines were the traditional three-reel slots where pulling the handle on the side of the machine spun the reels and the player would wait to see if any matching symbols would appear. Matching symbols would usually constitute a win. These do still exist but there are much more complex games out there now. Single line bets will give you higher odds then multi-line bets. Sometimes, however, the lower odds are worth it just for the excitement that some complicated games don’t offer. They aren’t as strategic as multi-line slots.

Online slot machines

If you opt for playing a random slot machine rather than a progressive one, it’s likely that the jackpot won’t be huge. A random slot machine does not pool player’s money together, it simply pays out at random. This does mean, however, that players increase the odds of hitting the jackpot. It just means that the win won’t be as substantial. The random slot machines are all based on algorithms, this is both online and in casinos. This means there’s little strategy involved in playing them. A random slot machine won’t pay out just because it hasn’t for a while as it is not a progressive slot machine and this strategy is how the progressive slot is won. Be aware though, there are many cynics who believe that the random non-progressive slot machine is more worthwhile than the progressive slot machine. The non-progressive will have a higher payout factor but just a lower value. A player will be challenged to get a big win from a non-progressive slot.

Land-based casino slots

Some players believe that in a traditional land-based casino, the slot machines furthest away from the door pay out more often. The rationale behind this, apparently, is that the slot machines nearest to casino entrances are played more often than those that are tucked away. This does make logical sense, as inexperienced players often do gravitate to the first row of machines as they enter a casino, resulting in these machines being played more frequently than others and should, therefore, payout more often than others. The other side of the coin, though, is that some traditional land-based casinos deliberately place certain slot machines nearest the door knowing that they won’t pay out as frequently, and thereby encourage players to continue playing in the vain hope that they’ll score a win.

Slot machines at a casino

Players who frequent traditional land-based casinos can clock up bonuses, free spins and free chips if they are new patrons to that casino. Just like online casinos, traditional land-based casinos want to attract new players and, therefore, will incentivise them to play. Whilst this doesn’t guarantee the player to win, it does mean less outlay for the player so take advantage of these freebies to reduce potential losses.

The loose slot machine was really a term that dates back to the old mechanical slot machines where a loose cog or screw within the machine generally meant that the game paid out more often. Nowadays, with the Random Number Generator, this doesn’t necessarily ring true but traditional land-based casinos have been known to place what they consider to be loose machines away from the door to the casino, again strategically placing machines in order for them to pay out occasionally.

It sounds like an odd piece of advice but use coins rather than notes to play as this does maximize the number of times you can play and therefore increases your chances of winning.

Play slots online with a budget

Last but by no means least, always play within your budget and be willing to either lower your bet or, of course, stop playing. Be sure you are playing games that fit within your budget. The general rule is that your gambling budget should cover around 250 bets to give you a 90 per cent chance of playing for at least three hours.

Remember that winners know when to quit. Just because you’ve had one big payout doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily have another one.

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