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Hotel Projects in Mozambique

Boundless Southern Africa has two tourism based investment opportunities located inside the boundaries of the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique. By Des Langkilde

The World Bank lists Mozambique among the fastest growing economies of 2013. Foreign direct investment continent-wide is expected to reach $56 billion by 2015, from $38 billion in 2012 and investment opportunities are boundless, as this article shows.

Boundless Southern Africa are seeking investors for the following two separate opportunities within the Limpopo National Park inside the boundaries of Mozambique.

Opportunity 1: Massingir Dam houseboats. Estimated cost of project: US$4.8-million

Massinger Dam in the Limpopo National Park, Mozambique.

Massinger Dam in the Limpopo National Park, Mozambique.

The first opportunity is the Massingir Dam houseboats. There are two concessions that will operate from a base on the eastern shores of the Massingir dam. This node will be adjacent to the Massingir resort which will act as a staging post for clients undertaking a houseboat safari.

Each concession will consist of two self contained house boats with access to the dam and various bays for overnight mooring. Tender boats will allow guests to undertake game viewing and fishing outings. Each boat will have between 8 and 16 beds and facilities will include the house boats, mooring sites and service infrastructure. Boating, fishing, game viewing and hiking are also envisaged.

Opportunity 2: Community-based tourism facility. Estimated cost of project: US$2-million per lodge

Situated in the buffer zone of the park (a strip of land about 5 km wide, running along the periphery of the park) is the community areas of Chibutane and Mapai.

These areas have been earmarked for the development of rustic chalets and campsites. The French Development Agency has supplied a grant for the development of the projects detailed below. This grant will facilitate the planning and development of the buffer zone in the next two years.

Mapai Community Lodge. This investment opportunity envisions the development of rustic chalets (20 beds) constructed of pole and reed/wood structures and 20 campsites situated along the Limpopo River.


Mapai Community Lodge area.

Mapai Community Lodge area.

Activities at the site will include a self-drive 4×4 trail and cultural tourism. A concession model will be developed for this opportunity and concession agreements will be negotiated with the respective stakeholders (i.e. affected communities, the district administration and the Ministry of Tourism).

Chibutane Community Lodge. This investment opportunity envisions the development of rustic chalets (20 beds) constructed of pole and reed/wood structures and 20 campsites.

Chibutane Community Lodge area.

Chibutane Community Lodge area.

This site, situated along the Olifants River in the buffer zone of the Limpopo National Park, will include self-drive 4×4 trails and cultural tourism activities.

Both of the above investment opportunities must be a joint venture between the local community and the private sector. Community equity is the land and capital up to US$500,000. The financial resources are granted by Government subject to financially viable project proposal.

For more information contact the Boundless Africa Programme Manager – Deborah Kahatano, on +27 (0)12 310 3734 or email: rvorwerk@environment.gov.za

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