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Social Media Marketing – Part 3

In part three of this series Pieter Philipse looks at some useful social media monitoring and analysis tools.

Last month we started off by researching our present position in Social Media Marketing and I hope this gave you some clear ideas as to what might be lacking in your campaign or in fact maybe gained. To read Part 1 and Part 2 again, click on the hyper-links. I hope it sparked off some fresh thoughts and new ideas to help you along in the process.

This month we’re going to start with a preliminary channel analyses. What is important is that we get a feel for the research we are about to do in preparation for our research. Initially it is important for us to look at different data that can influence our success rates in different channels, the way that that data is obtained, and the way it is interpreted and displayed. Especially we’ll take a look at the channels we are currently using; the kind of posts the people in our audience are making, and what methods our competitors are using to influence that same target audience. Our main goal at this point is to get a feel of whether these channels serve a clear purpose for our audience and for us.

To start off with, we can’t simply have a first account look at our company’s social pages. What we need is to gain a deeper insight and understanding from the start. We’ll do this by using a set of social media marketing search tools that are readily available on the web. Later on we will start to use other automation tools to interact with the social web. Our first goal with these tools is to look at what kind of data we can obtain and how we might be able to use it.

In particular we are going to make use of:

Facebook Insights. This will give you important metrics about your existing Facebook page if you have one. Go to: https://www.facebook.com/insights (while you are logged in).

Social Mention. Measuring brand sentiment is important, so go to Social Mention: http://socialmention.com for some real-time social media search and analysis. This amazing tool provides a huge amount of data including a sentiment analyses of your on-line posts- and you can click “negative” and “positive” to view the results of your scores. Importantly Social mention also counts the mentions of your brand, and ranks the keywords, hash tags, sources, and top users as well.


Addict-o-matic. Another important Search site for you to use is: Addict-o-matic at: http://addictomatic.com


Hashtags.org. For announcements about popular hash tags go to: http://www.hashtags.org. Here you can find the most popular hash tags that are trending today.

For the moment just take a look and play around with these social media marketing tools, use words and search phrases that make sense to you. See what words are being used on Twitter and see what people are trending.. At the same time try to interpret the metrics you are viewing.

In next month’s issue of Tourism Tattler we will get down to using these tools in earnest to get to the bottom of how our audience is actually engaging and interacting. From this we will deduct what channels are suitable to our brands and products and at the same time pave the way for formulating successful social media marketing strategies.

If you have any questions in the mean time, comment on this social media article on the Tourism Tattler website, or contact me at philipse@kondwana.com or leave a message at: www.kondwana.com.

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