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News, views, and reviews on photography relating to the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Photography – Part 5: The Camera Histogram

Many photographic enthusiasts have discovered the value of reviewing the histogram whilst working in the field. The histogram is the graph of the tonal range which one can make visible when reviewing your photographs on the camera. By Peter Wickham. ...

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Photography Part 4: Focus, Lighting & Background

In Part 1, I discussed The Golden Hour and in Part 2 looked at Depth Of Field. Part 3, covered Exposure and in Part 4, I will discuss a few common problems that people often experience with their photographs and ...

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Photography. Part 2 – Depth Of Field

Understanding Depth Of Field Whilst there are many technical aspects relating to this subject, Depth Of Field (DOF) relates basically to the area in the photograph which will be acceptably sharp. By Peter Wickham. There is an area in front ...

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Photography Part 1: The Golden Hour

Note: Part 2 in this series (Understanding Depth Of Field) can be read in the May magazine (page 35). The best photographs are usually taken when the light is soft, and besides cloud cover, or smog, you can guarantee that ...

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