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News, views, and reviews on visas from a global travel, tourism and hospitality industry perspective.

Vietnam Visa Guide for South African Citizens

A visa is a necessary authorization for a foreigner to enter or exit a country granted by that country. If you are a South African citizen or currently in this country and want to visit Vietnam, check out Vietnam visa ...

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Visa Limitations for South Africans

In the world of fast-paced, global travel, the last thing you want is visa hassles ruining your clients opportunity to take advantage of a special travel offer at short notice. In this article, Mwangi Githahu and Simon Lewis take an ...

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Africa’s Visa Requirements

Africa is one of the regions in the world with the highest visa requirements. Visa restrictions imply missed economic opportunities for intra-regional trade and for the local service economy such as tourism, cross-country medical services or education. During the African ...

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Government Tourism Scam

South Africa charges visitors USD70 for free tourist visa. By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H.Thome. Kenyans started reacting sharply to news that they now have to pay a private contractor a massive 5,850 Kenya shillings (697.94 ZAR) for a visa to ...

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Tanzania Tourism From South Africa To Benefit On Three Fronts

South Africans travelling to Tanzania on holiday or business no longer require visas – and vice-versa. This significant move for cooperation between the two countries results from a bilateral country-to-country discussions and agreements. Serena Hotels, a premier hotel, lodges and ...

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