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8 Fail-Safe Travel Tips for 2020

Are you trying to squeeze the most out of every holiday moment to make it the best trip possible?

Seasoned travellers will each have their list of travel do’s to ensure they get the most out of their holiday.

But while the experts will tell you, having the best trip starts with careful planning, there is much more one can do to make it the trip of a lifetime. One of which is booking at the right time. 

Whether you’re a travel newbie or a frequent flyer here are fail-safe travel hacks to maximise your time away:

1 Book with an expert

Any dream trip involves booking with the best. While you probably won’t take your travel consultant along on holiday with you, you don’t need to go it alone. Choose a guided holiday, such as Trafalgar’s, for a completely seamless, hassle-free experience that’s designed to make the most of any destination.

It’s the attention to detail that sees guests jump to the front of the queue at some of the world’s most famous attractions. It’s those extraordinary hidden local experiences in each itinerary. It’s that attention to detail that sees Trafalgar have such a high ratio of returning guests.

Trafalgar’s Be My Guest experience celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year – just one of the many detailed, immersive experiences offered by the brand.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself seated next to the top executive. Trafalgar Global CEO Gavin Tollman’s greatest pleasure is to connect with our guests. He loves to hop on board a Trafalgar trip for a few hours or days to meet the passengers and share their travel experiences.

2 Book early

The early bird does get the worm in travel. While it’s not too late to make a last-minute 2019 holiday happen, now is the best time to start planning your 2020 trip too.

You can travel in 2020 at 2019 prices if you’re clever by booking your Europe and Britain holiday by 3 October 2019. Visit the website, select one of Trafalgar’s presale 2020 itineraries, and get a 10% discount plus you’ll avoid inflation. Not only do you save big, but you also get the choice of your departure dates. Don’t think it’s too early – those 2020 seats are selling out fast!

3 Consider off-season travel

Europe’s Christmas markets are legendary and make an ideal off-season holiday.

More and more travellers choose to travel off-season. Not only does it offer a cost-saving, as rates are usually less, but it can offer a completely different perspective of the destination.

For example, road tripping through New England in the Autumn (or Fall as the locals would say), when the trees are ablaze with all the warmth of the autumnal palette is spectacular. Trafalgar’s Autumn Colours trip is a 9-day journey from Boston to Maine, while Costsaver (the flexible independent guided touring option with a lower price point) also offers a similar Fall Colours trip.

And come winter, what could be more magical than the tiny villages of the UK frosted with snow or the Big Apple in all its festive season glory?

If you prefer to travel the northern hemisphere when it’s a little warmer, spring is a wonderful time to visit. The parks are filled with colourful blooms, the weather is milder and there are fewer visitors than the popular summer months.

4 Do some research

Decide what you want from your holiday and where you would like to visit, to help your travel consultant tailor your dream trip.

“Research the places you are going to visit before you go for maximum value,” suggests Janis Woolaway, a past Trafalgar guest. “Even after you’ve booked your trip, reading some books, listening to music and even visiting that destination’s restaurant in your home town, will help you know what to expect and, even more importantly, get you excited for the real thing!”

5 Be prepared

Just like travel insurance (an absolute must, even though you hope never to use it), it is crucial that you have your paperwork organised before you board your flight.

“Swap copies of important documents in case the originals get lost,” was one creative tip from Elma Lourens. And she says: “Always ask for the business card of your hotel so a taxi will know where to take you in case you get lost.”

That’s valuable advice, especially when travelling to an unfamiliar city, or when there are language barriers. You also never know what Wi-Fi service you’ll have access to, or if you’ll be able to connect to the Internet at all. It’s best to be prepared.

6 Pack wisely

“I should have packed more clothes,” said no traveller, ever. Almost every Trafalgar guest I’ve ever spoken to agreed that packing light was best. Rentia van der Walt’s opinion was: “Travel light so that you can come home with more.”

7 Maximise your time away

International flights can be long and tiring. Beat any traces of jet lag or tiredness, and get your bearings, by planning to arrive before your trip starts.

“Arrive two days before… and stay one day later at the hotel,” suggests Maxleigh Derman, a regular guest, who has booked at least eight Trafalgar trips in countries ranging from Mexico and Ireland to Hungary.

“Trafalgar is superb; I love it,” says Derman. He also usually travels with his grandchildren, and his last trip was to Jordan in May.

8 Experience to the max

“Spend your travel budget seeing things and opting for experiences, not buying too many souvenirs,” suggests Wendy Brien. While there’s proof that experiences can last longer than a souvenir, Rentia van der Walt agrees: “Try, do, feel, taste, hear and smell everything.”

With these fail-safe travel tips, you can make your 2020 holiday dreams a reality.

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