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Boschendal cultivates Farm to Table Ethos

Contemporary farm to table dining shaped by the rhythm of the seasons

Since its opening in April 2015 and the addition of an abundant kitchen garden expanding over five acres, the Boschendal team’s visionary Farm to Table Ethos puts the Werf Restaurant at the fore of the global clean eating trend. Boschendal, a vibrant winelands farm, is now the home of naturally produced and artisan food, where visitors relish in unique gourmet experiences with shared meals of local, seasonal and ethically-sourced ingredients.

srtuywe56The Werf Restaurant shared meal experience, unique to Boschendal, marks a return to homely farm fare creatively crafted by Chef Christiaan Campbell and exquisitely presented with a rustic feel, inviting diners to partake in a good old-fashioned farm feast.

An abundance of fresh naturally produced ingredients adorn lavish platters, intended to be shared and savoured in true farm style at the beautifully revamped original cellar of the Manor House while overlooking the gardens and spectacular mountain vistas.

Sample a seasonal selection of daily fresh farm and garden harvest including vegetables, crisp salads and fragrant herbs or indulge in naturally raised and Boschendal Angus beef, nutritious healthy free-range eggs and make your shared selection from a daily seasonal menu with plentiful platters such as glazed lamb ribs, slow cooked shoulder, roasted rump, burnt onions, Romesco sauce or ocean fish en papillote baked in parchment paper, octopus, squid, fillet of line fish, basil, parsley & dill garden herbs, buttered potato mousse and pickled tomato.

“I thrive on the challenge of translating our farm-fresh produce, all of which is grown in rich, fertile living soil or is naturally raised, pasture-fed and free-range, into delicacies to be enjoyed at the Werf Restaurant in natural surroundings,” said Chef Christiaan Campbell, whose passion is tangible in each gourmet creation, “real natural food just boasts so much more flavour.”

Boschendal’s young winemakers are encouraged to experiment creatively while preserving traditional winemaking techniques to produce premium wines of modern sophistication, such as the limited release Vin de Memoire Chardonnay and a range of contemporary wines including the Playpen wines, served exclusively at the Werf Restaurant. The Vin de Memoire Chardonnay 2014 pays homage to Angela of Bengal, a freed slave who became South Africa’s first woman winemaker. This handcrafted wine is produced from grapes grown on the slopes of the Simonsberg, on land originally farmed by Angela and her family, and now a part of Boschendal.

The wholesome quality and ethical sustainability of Boschendal produce are ensured by means of the commitment and passion of a dedicated and motivated specialist in each field of farm offering; including soil, agriculture, gardens, pasture-reared Angus beef, free-range eggs, viticulture and wine.


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