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Centricity develops cloud-based image library for hotels

Entrepreneurs and ITC developers Centricity have answered the call of many a marketing, managerial or public relations professional in the hospitality and tourism sector by launching their cloud-based dedicated image library. This cloud-based solution enables hotels and other tourism products to move their image libraries, often scattered across many mediums and staff members via CDs, DVDs, USBs and hard drives, to a dedicated, centralised cloud that can be managed, organised and shared with selected clients, partners and media.

Speaking at World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town this week, Eddie Scheun, Managing Director at Centricity, explained: “During our product development research we found that many of our customers in the hospitality and tourism sectors were struggling to effectively manage and distribute their digital assets such as photos, videos and e-brochures to a geographically distributed and often impatient audience. Many hotels use third-party products such as Dropbox, content distributors or their own websites, but none of these is a dedicated Image Library system and they do not always make the most out of presenting the images in an easy-to-navigate and searchable way, or else the hotel can’t control who has access to and is using their images. We wanted to make sure that we would eradicate the problems of creating and updating CDs, losing images or distributing outdated information.”

Centricity Image Library cloud-based library for hotel image management
Centricity Image Library cloud-based library for hotel image management

Once the images are in the Centricity cloud, they are automatically filed into a library of thumbnail and preview images that are organised and classified so that the entire library becomes easily searchable. Images can be shared by giving external users access to a hotel’s library with their own user credentials and security permissions, so that they can access only the images that the hotel allows, or the hotel can create a collection of images that they would like to share with others and instantly share their collection via email. Audit trails are visible, showing which images have been edited or downloaded and by which user.

Launched earlier this week, The Centricity Image Library is the newest addition to the Centricity product suite and is available as an additional module or stand-alone. The product offers 10GB storage at a starting cost of R350 per property per month for existing clients.

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