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Home* Suite Hotels launches Seductive Sojourns with Dr Eve

At the fourth edition of Rooftop Revelations which took place on the Pool Deck, an edgy, new rooftop venue at Home* Suite Hotels in Rosebank in February, invited guests were invited to explore their feelings, answer some probing questions and put themselves out there, guided by the fascinating and remarkable Dr Eve.  

Rooftop Revelations, launched last year, is a series of talks on cool, left-field topics – past editions revealed mind-blowing insights around the use of psychedelics in psychotherapy with Ronen Aires,  hitting the high notes with Zolani Mahola, lead singer of Freshly Ground who told her moving story through lyrics and song, and a brutally, frank view of the state of the Nation with Branko Brkic, founder of The Daily Maverick.

What better way to celebrate the month of love than a romantic evening beneath the stars with Marlene Wasserman, aka Dr Eve, contemporary intimacy and modern-day couple and sex therapist, and clinical sexologist, who armed with decades of experience and a tome of qualifications, shared her no holds barred insights on intimacy, love, respect, honesty and relationships.    

  • “there is nothing more profound then intimacy – it strengthens everything in a relationship” 
  • “live your best life” 
  • “we don’t just want to survive; we want to thrive”
  • “you have the right to sexual pleasure”
  • “it’s okay to have friends of the opposite sex”

Prompted by Gidon Novick, founder of the hotel, who probed and provoked dialogue around the hard stuff, Dr Eve and the audience rose to the occasion eliciting the unasked and unexpected amid much laughter and curiosity to know more.  What is love?   Do you orgasm?  Are you a sexually healthy person? What does intimacy mean to you?  Are you open to experimenting?  These were some of the penetrating questions Dr Eve put out there to an intrigued, if not somewhat fidgety audience.

So, how does sex fit in with the context of hotel rooms?    It’s an escape, a place to indulge that allows freedom of expression,  a new setting,  an intimate  space  that  sanctions every pleasure and even the forbidden….  Enter Seductive Sojourns, a weekend getaway the hotel recently introduced in collaboration with Dr Eve.  

“We want to extend an invitation to visitors to the city, locals, the community; to parents who need a break from the kids, to come and enjoy two nights of bliss in a relaxed home*-away-from-home setting,” says Novick.  He adds that guests can design their own package of pleasure  and choose from a selection of relaxing in-room couples massages, French champagne, decadent oysters, beautiful chocolates, and a ‘Suite Pleasures’ box of sexy treats.

good time was had by all.

Seductive Sojourn packages start from R1765 and include bed and breakfast with optional extras at an additional cost.

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