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Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport opens Renew treatment room

Cape Town, 28 June 2019 – Simplicity, sustainability and social responsibility. The path to a client and environmental wellness has been paved with trailblazers who view sustainability as a responsibility rather than a trend. 

This is the green thinking behind Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport, Africa’s greenest hotel, who recently opened Renew, a treatment room on the property which offers a simple, sustainable list of treatments for the weary traveller.

Along with eco-friendly therapeutic practices, guests have evolved and are becoming more knowledgeable, associating their personal well-being with social and environmental health – there is a distinct overlap between the wellness-oriented consumer and the environmentally-oriented consumer. 

Lindy Meiring, General Manager at Hotel Verde, says that as a sustainable hotel they continually look at ways of improving their green offering and have recognised the need for a treatment facility that offers a simple, eco-friendly list of treatments.  “It is ideal for the corporate or leisure traveller who is looking for a quick pick-me-up in between meetings, before flying out or after a gym work-out,” she explains.

Their list of treatments includes:

  • Full Body
  • Back Neck and Shoulder
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Foot and Leg Massage
  • Add On: Hand and Arm Massage

Renew uses a natural product range and adheres to sustainable practices and guidelines, paying particular attention to conserving water, energy and reducing waste. 

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