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How clean is your hotel? Chemical applications in the hospitality space

At home, more and more consumers are opting eco-friendly cleaners made with natural ingredients, but how important is this when choosing a hotel to stay at – are hotels stepping up when it comes to the use of environmentally (and people) friendly cleaning materials?   The hospitality sector, including restaurants, is a maze of practices and procedures, one that requires a holistic approach to cleaning in particular, which the industry, in fact, takes very seriously.  

From kitchens to courtyards, rooms to restaurants, laundries to lobbies, there are various cleaning solutions and processes that have to be administered and adhered to.   It’s not like at home where you use one or two products to clean multiple areas – rather it’s a science that requires research and development to create the best possible solutions for every space. 

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Hotel owners and general managers are acutely aware of the importance that every precaution should be taken with regard to the health and safety of their guests (and staff).  However, with no compulsory requirements currently in place in South Africa for the supply of chemicals that are people- and earth-friendly, it is crucial that hotels align themselves with seasoned, environmentally-friendly, accredited chemical suppliers to achieve and maintain these high standards of health and safety.   

Ryszard Orlik, Managing Director of Orlichem, explains that there are national legal frameworks and regulations for chemical control and safety; however, not all of these examine the effect on humans or the environment directly, but rather focus on the performance of the chemical to meet the standard.    

In light of this, they have undertaken to develop and submit formulations for toxicology studies that are assessed and approved internationally, and as part of their environmental policy use only greener, higher performing, non-toxic, bio-degradable alternatives in their kitchen, housekeeping and laundry products.  “Educating our clients on safer chemical practices is also paramount – we hope, in turn, this will influence the industry by putting pressure on manufacturers to convert to safer, quality products, thereby creating a new norm,” he adds.  

So back in the quiet, clean environment of your hotel, be mindful of all the background activity and extra care that is being taken to ensure you have a germ-free, eco-friendly, happy, healthy stay. 

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