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Radio Boys Night Out At Gold Reef City

A spirited and slightly rowdy group of radio deejays were treated to a Boys Night Out at Gold Reef City, where their competitive spirit was unleashed in true Bro Code fashion.

Michael Catterson, Vic Naidoo, Priya Naidoo, Damian Schmid, Al Smyth, Reo Reddy, Julio Garcia, Khetha Mkhize, Jonathan Fairbairn, ProVerb, Amon, Chris Choane, Annie Hodes, Alex Caige, Marc Lewis, Fentselite, Amanda Moropa

First up the men were separated from the boys with a choice of thrilling rides at the Gold Reef City Theme Park. Not surprisingly, most of the men chose the Fear Factor 10 ‘Tower of Terror’ and revealed that men can scream like girls when the occasion calls for it.

Al Smyth, Weza Matomane, Michael Catterson, Alex Caige, Jonathan Fairbairn, Priya Naidoo, Reo Reddy and Kwame Mahlanga

Then it was on to the Gold Reef City entertainment complex, where the boys got down to some testosterone-infused bowling action before spinning the wheel of fortune in an exclusive knockout Roulette tournament.

Man-sized meals in Back ‘O The Moon satisfied even the most insatiable hunger as the deejays kicked back and relaxed after their action-packed Gold Reef City adventure.

Late night gaming followed in the casino until the now-weary boys retired to Gold Reef City Theme Park Hotel for a good night’s rest.

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