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Robert Kiyosaki tickets 9 and 10 July

Robert Kiyosaki is many things: an author of self-help books, an investor, a business man, as well as a motivational speaker. Robert is best known as the bestselling author of a series titled Rich Dad, Poor Dad and has become one of the leading voices in educating people in the area of developing their own personal finances.

His experiences in life include serving in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam War. In 1974, Robert left the Marine Corps and worked as a salesman in Xerox Corporation for a couple of years before leaving to start up his own business for the first time

His first business was a new concept of wallet which used Velcro and nylon and is often referred to as a surfer wallet. As a first-time entrepreneur, he made some mistakes. Nonetheless, the surfer wallets would eventually end up becoming a multi-million dollar product and Robert would receive his first real taste of success.

The next business was almost similar in nature due to the targeted consumer as Robert’s attention shifted from Surfers and their wallets, to Rockers and their favorite heavy metal band t-shirts. But with a change of trends, his heavy metal t-shirt licensing business went “belly up” in 1985. This left him broke, bankrupt and homeless. Owing $850,000 to the banks. Robert Kiyosaki would go on to help people and educate them on how to completely avoid the pit of bankruptcy, and even achieve financial success.

How could somebody who is not rich themselves teach others how to become financially successful? Simply by teaching them how not to become poor and make poor financial decisions. He was only 47 at the time but experienced such growth that in only nine years he became a multi millionaire.

With twenty-six books in the Rich Dad series, Robert has sold more than twenty-seven million books worldwide. His works have been translated in fifty-one different languages for markets in a hundred-and-one various countries across the world, eventually leading him to countless bestsellers lists across Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and South America.

More recently, Robert Kiyosaki teamed up with one of the most famous and successful real estate tycoons, Donald Trump to co-write a book titled, “Why We Want You To Be Rich”, which tackles questions and fears that are arising in this time of economic uncertainty.



Venue: Heartfelt Arena – Pretoria
Date: 9 – 10 July 2016
Time: 9:00am – 8:30pm
Registration: Registration is on 9 July 2016 from 7:30am


50% OFF

Total Value: R1,999


Admission for 2 days in General Seating Section

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Total Value: R3,999


Admission for 2 days in VIP Seating Section

Event Workbook

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Total Value: R20,999


Admission for 2 days in Diamond Seating Section

Diamond Section Seat (Front Section, best seats in the room)

Private & Exclusive Q&A Session with Key Speakers

Lunch provided each day

Access to Diamond Lounge

Priority Access into the Room

Private Registration Area

Event Workbook

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