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The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel Serves Up Something Hearty This Youth Day

In celebration of Youth Day on the 16th of June, the staff at The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel in Cape Town are providing meals to Grade 7s returning to St. Paul’s Primary School in the Bo-Kaap.

“The Peninsula’s core values centre on supporting those around us and fostering community spirit,” says Chris Godenir, The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel General Manager. “And in the spirit of Youth Day this month, we wanted to do something meaningful for our future leaders.”

Godenir and his team will be preparing nutritious lunches in the hotel kitchen and delivering them daily to the Grade 7 learners along with healthy fruit and snacks right up until the 3rd of July.

“For many decades, St. Paul’s has been serving the inner-city community of Cape Town, but for the past 10 years we have attracted predominantly Xhosa speaking learners from the surrounding township areas of Cape Town,” says Mrs Mgudlwa, the principal of the school.

The historic school, which was founded in 1859, stands as the second oldest school in the country and currently accommodates a total of 565 learners between the ages of six and 14 years old.

“Going into winter here in the Mother City, we wanted to do what we could to make sure the children could warm up with a hot meal and maintain their energy levels and focus in class,” Godenir explained. “We’ve partnered with Mrs Mgudlwa and her team of facilitators to keep delivering meals up until the 3rd of July.”

Those wishing to get more involved in the initiatives at The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel can contact Brynn Rorich, Guest Services Manager, at +27 (0)21 430 7777 or

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