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Young Winemakers Drive Change at Boschendal

With international modern palates displaying an increasing passion for wine, Boschendal’s dedicated red and white winemakers are determined to drive change, engaging their audience with innovation, originality, quality and a focus on ethical viticulture.

Applying cutting-edge best practice while balancing traditional winemaking techniques, the Boschendal 1685 range, Appellation and Méthode Cap Classique collection reveal fresh vision in the translation of some of the world’s most noble grape varieties into premium wines of modern sophistication.

As sweeping changes and globalisation affect the nature of the international wine industry in terms of wine styles, vineyard management practices and trendy audiences sharing taste experiences digitally, the historical perception of superior wine from Old Wine countries has been shifting towards New World Wines for some time now.

Boschendal vineyardsThe SA Wine Industry Information & Systems (SAWIS) confirms that these advances attract particular interest to the South African wine market, currently ranking as number seven in overall world wine volume production, producing 4.2% of the world's wine (2014) and boasting a growth in contribution to the GDP of at least 10% per annum since 2003.

According to a recent report by the U.S. Wine Market Council, a 79 million strong cohort of millennial U.S. wine drinkers clamour for diversity in regions and styles, with 21 to 38 year olds consuming 159.6 million cases of wine in 2015, more than any other generation in the U.S. This is a trend that is also being experienced within South Africa.

‘’Our young winemakers have their fingers on the pulse of innovation and embrace global developments”, says Greg Castle, Marketing Director of DGB (Owners of Boschendal Wines). “They are unwavering in their pursuit to create modern wines of exceptional quality synonymous with Boschendal, which honour our heritage whilst striving to appeal to a diverse and modern local and international clientele.”

“The Millennial wine-drinkers, who have distinct tastes, somewhat different from their parents and grandparents, are often more open to experimentation in wine, and yet have a far greater demand for consistent quality,” added Greg Castle. “Essentially Boschendal aims to produce wines accessible to modern wine lovers the world over, not merely for connoisseurs, yet still catering to those seeking wines with exceptional depth of character.”

Enthusiastic about enticing modern palates in over 50 countries to taste the consistent quality and experience the accessibility of their wines, a strong focus on ecological integrity in the Vine to Wine approach ensures the quality of Boschendal wines in the vineyard. Boschendal’s viticulture team places water and electricity efficiencies at the forefront, implementing cover crops for soil rehabilitation, UV water filtration systems, intelligent irrigation and natural pest control.

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