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TourismTattler IYSTD2017 Initiative

As an international influence for travel in the content of Africa, TourismTattler.com has joined global media in promoting the aims and aspirations of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017.

In partnership with Eco Atlas, and Fair Trade Tourism, TourismTattler will publish a series of features titled ‘Africa’s Sustainable Tourism Gems’ throughout this year to profile case studies of African destinations and Africa based tourism products and services who meet and in many cases exceed, sustainable tourism practices in their business operations.

Besides reaching TourismTattler’s 167,000+ magazine readers on ISSUUPressReaderYumpu, MagztereStore, and on Amazon USACanadaUKDenmarkFranceItaly, and Spain, and on our Sustainable Tourism News website channel, the case studies will also be published:

On LinkedIn (Click here to view);

On Medium (Click here to view);

On Travindy (Click here to view);

On the official UNWTO IYSTD2017 website (Click here to view);

On our Social Media channels at TwitterFacebookGoogle+Tumblr and on Apple News;

And shared in our monthly newsletter.


How do I get my sustainable tourism projects featured?

Simply email an expression of interest to editor@tourismtattler.com with the subject headline ‘TourismTattler IYSTD2017 Initiative Participation’ and include links or attachments to your sustainable tourism projects for consideration. If you are accredited by eco-tourism certification bodies such as Fair Trade Tourism, Green Pearls or Eco Atlas, include these links too.

Do I have to be accredited with Fair Trade Tourism or Eco Atlas?

No, but it gives readers reassurance to know that your sustainable tourism projects have been certified or at least acknowledged by an independent body.

Is there a cost to be featured in the ‘Africa’s Sustainable Tourism Gems’ series?

Much as we’d love to offer free exposure to your worthy sustainable tourism projects, we do need your sponsorship to cover media production costs involved in editing and uploading your content. So, to make participation affordable for you, we’ve discounted our standard full page magazine advertorial rate by 75% – to just 5,000 ZAR (about 380 USD, 293 GBP, 323 EUR).

What do I get in return for my sponsorship fee?

Your featured case study article will start with a full page (landscape or portrait) feature in a particular monthly edition of the Tourism Tattler Travel Trade Journal magazine and consist of ±150 words of copy, four images, your logo, contact details (telephone number, email address and website URL), and social media / accreditation body links.  See image below by way of example.

A page proof will be emailed to you for approval prior to publication. Once approved, we’ll then upload the magazine onto our magazine distribution platforms (see above links). We will also convert the page content for web and SEO optimization and upload it onto our ‘Sustainable Tourism News’ website channel with auto-sharing onto our social media platforms and Apple News channel (see above links). We will then add your content to the featured posts on LinkedIn, Medium and Travindy (see above links).

But that’s not all! 

Your featured content will also be included with hyperlinks in our newsletter for the particular month in which your content is featured, which is sent to 43,000+ subscribers on the second Tuesday of each month. We’ll also include links to your content in at least one of our ‘Weekly Trade News Update’ newsletters, which are sent to subscribers on Wednesdays. If you are not already subscribed to our newsletter, you can do so now by clicking here (subscriptions are free of charge and your email address will be protected and never shared with third parties or used for any other reason, other than to email the newsletter to you).

Can I increase the number of words and images for my article?

Yes, the same 80% discount applies for double page spread (DPS) positions. i.e 10,000 ZAR instead of our standard DPS rate of 38,477 ZAR. If you opt for a DPS position, you’ll get ±400-600 words with as many images as we can comfortably fit onto the pages. See image below by way of example.

Are there any other ways that I can increase exposure?

Yes again. We have four prime positions available on the front cover of each monthly magazine. You can either book a quarter page slot for your image with logo at just 3,500 ZAR, a half page slot at 7,000 ZAR or take the entire front cover at just 12,000 ZAR. This guarantees that your business will be seen across all of our magazine distribution platforms (potentially in excess of 300 million users across these platforms).

So what’s holding you back?

This #IYSTD promotional offer expires in December 2017, so join us now and help raise awareness of your role in Africa’s Sustainable Tourism Development. Email editor@tourismtattler.com or call +27 (0)82 374 7260.