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Things Travel Enthusiasts Should Know About Data Science

Data science has changed the way things are done in literally every industry, creating more and more opportunities for both consumers and entrepreneurs alike, and the travel industry is no different. Travel businesses, from startups to established organizations, and even travel consumers are benefiting from the advantages that data science presents us with, sometimes even without our knowledge. As a seasoned traveller or travel specialist, here are 5 things that you should know about data science.

You’ve Used Data Science At Some Point

You may not be aware of how data science has benefitted you as a traveller, at least not directly. But it has. At some point, you’ve used GPS to navigate to an unfamiliar destination, or perhaps you’ve used an online shopping app to purchase necessities during a trip. In these cases, a considerable amount of data is generated and thanks to machine learning, providers of products and services use this data to optimize performance, provide recommendations, and even develop customized options for you. Data science can actually be used to enhance your travel experience.

Data Science Gives You Business Insights

It’s not unusual to find that when you’re on a trip, the destination excites your entrepreneurial spirit and you ask, “what investments can I make here”? Well, as much as online research and asking around can give you several ideas, data science provides the ultimate solution to discovering business opportunities and market loopholes in foreign lands far away from home.

With an experienced data science specialist, you can even run your business remotely from miles away. Claire Herring (CEO, and Co-founder of Blue Ocean Brain), says that upon hiring a data science consultant from RTS labs, the company was able to grow ten-fold within a short period of time. This is all thanks to the tech-savvy team that understood their business well and helped define an effective roadmap to take the company forward. It helped improve decision-making, streamlined the hiring process, and provided insights to improve customer experience.

Data Science is a Rewarding Career

In the wake of technology, where human labour is decreasing and lay-offs and pay cuts have become the order of the day, Data Science is a field that’s taking a different route. With more and more business organizations and established companies understanding the importance of this IT field, the demand for data scientists is growing. Actually, a career as a data scientist will fetch you more than what the average IT specialist makes. And best of all, it’s a job where you can work remotely, so you can travel and earn at the same time.

Your Communication Skills Can Help

If you’re a travel enthusiast, the experience you get from your trip can be affected by your communication skills. Even though you can always hire a translator, it can be challenging to enjoy yourself in a foreign destination, for instance, without at least learning a few basic words and how to pronounce them correctly. However, you can hack through if you’re a good communicator, and the same case applies to data science, which requires you to develop a range of skills, communication being one of them.

Travel Companies Use Data Science

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Last but not least, tourism and travel companies rely heavily on data science for a wide range of purposes. For instance, they use big data to plan schedules, optimize routes, organize working hours for their employees, and provide a range of travel packages for their consumers. They also use it in marketing, especially in predicting seasonality, or periods when certain niche tourism groups are more likely to travel, and to where. It’s used to improve time-management, minimize travel costs, and in the long run, improve customer satisfaction for improved business performance.

In a nutshell, the importance of data science in the business world simply cannot be underestimated. Regardless of how small or large your business is, its growth and return on investment could significantly increase to unimaginable levels through proper use of data science. For travellers or travel specialists, the above are just a few things you should know about how data science can work for you.

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