5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Camper Trailer

You will be surprised to know the mistakes people make when it comes to buying a Recreational Vehicle (RV). The generic term RV refers to either a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with home amenities for outdoor camping.

Below are five common mistakes that people make when buying a camper trailer. So, read carefully!

1. Purchasing in the Wrong Condition

When it comes to buying a trailer, Condition is the key. Buying a spanking new RV is tempting, but you will lose 10-20% in value the moment it’s driven off the showroom floor.

But, buying a used RV has its challenges as well. Yes, you get a lower price, but you have to deal with repairs, and the time and expense it takes for aesthetic improvements. Both new and used options have their challenges. So, you need to take your time and think about which option is best for you. 

If you are in Australia and looking at buying camper trailer, you have to go in person and see the RV for yourself. Make sure you are buying in the right condition. If not, then you will waste your money. 

2. Insufficient Research

This really applies when you buy anything; you have to do research. Buying a camper trailer is a significant investment. So, follow these tips when you do your research.

Start your search online. Find which models are available within your budget and check features and extras. You will need to read several guides before you step into the market literally.

When you buy an RV, check the condition of tyres, take it on a test drive, sit in it and look over its features. Treat the inspection in the same way as when buying real estate; you inspect the building thoroughly and take several repeat visits before you decide to purchase.

After all, an RV is mid-range between a car and house. So, you need to be careful about what you are going to invest in. It’s better to take your time and do your research beforehand instead of buying the wrong thing and regretting the purchase for years.

3. Buying Too Small or Too Large

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First-time buyers are often tempted to go with the most economical option or end up buying an RV that is either too small or far bigger than they actually need. Being practical is not about only being economical. When you buy an RV, you need to find something that suits both your financial and user needs.

4. The Wrong Towing Weight

It’s important to consider the towing weight when buying a camper trailer. Tow weight is considering the weight your vehicle can tow based on its weight class, chassis, and engine. This differs from model to model. Most cars have specifications for their towing capacities in user manuals. This makes it easy for new car owners, however, older model vehicles may not show the towing capacity.

5. The Price

Most people don’t want to deal with numbers when making a major purchase. This includes percentage interest rates on financing or even trying to figure out how much advance deposit to put on a purchase. It is stressful, and they panic when seeing the big numbers.

But, if you use a worksheet, it will help you deal with thorny details in a simple to understand way. Then focus on the size and type of camper trailer you can fit into your budget – and your needs.

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