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News, views, and reviews on health issues relating to the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Reasons to Choose Cape Town for a Dental Vacation

dental concept image

Medical (aka Health or Wellness) Tourism is a growing niche as more and more tourists travel to the stunning city of Cape Town, South Africa, for their dental procedures and treatments.  For Europeans and travellers from the Americas and Asia, ...

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Diabetes: Are You At Risk?

Early diagnosis of diabetes is important if complications are to be prevented or delayed. If you are over 35 and have any of the risk factors highlighted in this article, you should be tested every year. Who is at risk? ...

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Tips on How to De-stress

The importance of making time for yourself throughout the year cannot be over emphasised. In this article, Diabetes South Africa looks at ways to de-stress your life. By Romy Toussaint. The first thing that comes to mind when you think ...

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