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News, views, and reviews on lifestyle issues relating to the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

10 Gadgets That Will Change Your Travel Experience

survey map with camera and gadgets

Whether you’re the type to hostel hop through European capitals, likes to trek and camp in the midst of untouched nature, someone who prefers the 5-star breaks or anything in between, gadgets that change your travel experience for the better are ...

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Quoin Rock Manor House: The Ultimate Wedding Venue

Quoin Rock Manor House

Cape Town, 13 March 2020 – Quoin Rock Wine Estate is renown for its exceptional wine and cuisine. However, one of the defining features of this award-winning estate is the Cape Dutch-style Manor House. The ultimate venue for opulent weddings and ...

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Reasons Why Fishing is Good For You

A fisherman casting rod with mountain range in background

It’s no secret that physical activity is good for your health, especially when you’re out in nature. Fishing is considered by many to be a recreational sport for boring people, but it truly has nothing to do with boredom. This ...

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Camping For Beginners: How to Choose the Perfect Spot

tent at night beneath a starlit sky

There are many reasons why tourists go camping; they could be spending quality time with family and friends away from home distractions; seeking silence and solitude for their inner peace, or simply yearning for a solo adventure in the great ...

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Things to know when Relocating to Australia’s Gold Coast

Aerial view of Australia's Gold Coast

The Australian Gold Coast offers an excellent quality of life with a wide variety of flora and fauna, an abundance of restaurants and public amenities, and plenty of outdoor spaces. Expats moving to the Gold Coast will find its young, ...

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Top Ten Reasons To Own A Boat

Boat at sea

Listing a boat among the properties you own has a certain ring to it. If you have the money, enough not to put it all in your wallet, then it’s all possible. However, a boat takes more than buying one, ...

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6 Things To Do At A Holiday Resort

A kayak on the beach at a holiday resort

If you have a high-energy family, you may think that booking at a holiday resort would be too sedate to fit in with your active lifestyle. Well, think again. Here are six things to do at a beach holiday resort ...

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All Abuzz for World Bee Day

Cape Town, South Africa, 20 May 2019 – South Africans are abuzz for World Bee Day, celebrated annually on 20 May. Bees are apex pollinators, and along with other animals such as butterflies, birds and beetles, are responsible for pollinating ...

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The 7 C’s of buying a diamond

The diamond is symbolic of eternal love and previously celebrated and known through the ages to increase relationships and inner strength. When it comes to buying these rare and precious stones, habitually, one would keep in mind the 4 Cs: ...

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Make Your Anniversary Truly Special This Year

Romantic couple with red rose in foreground

We all lead busier lives these days and often feel that we do not have the time to celebrate important events in our lives.  As a result, we rush through birthdays, work on holidays and even cut short vacations to ...

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How Travel with Children Strengthens Relationships

Family at airport against setting sun

Nothing feels better than finally getting the chance to go on that vacation you’ve been looking forward to, perhaps all year long. For a myriad of reasons, vacations tend to be more fun in the company of friends, family, and ...

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Art and Wine – A Symbiotic Pairing

Artist Alexia Kobusch with one of her paintings

Any wine connoisseur will tell you that the creation of a good wine is in the hands of the winemaker.  It is their ability to take the simple grape and turn into a thing of wonder for your palette, that ...

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Weight Loss Ideas When Travelling

Man stretching in a gym

Many people on diet and fitness plans know that a few days of travelling can undo months of rigorous dieting and exercise. This is because, during both holiday and business travel, it is very easy to forget about your daily ...

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Africa Rising: Chess Popularity Rises on the Continent

chess pieces

Africa is considered to be the oldest continent, but chess, one of the oldest games in the world, has just begun to gain in popularity here. The game has existed for almost 1500 years now. It was originally played in ...

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How to Travel and Earn Money on the Way

combine travelling and money making

It sounds like a dream, and it is perfectly possible: you could be earning money and travelling around the world. You no longer have to worry about when you are finally going to have enough money in your travel fund ...

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Art & Wine Combine To Create Collectors Reserve

CAPE TOWN, 06 August 2018 – Durbanville Hills launched its latest collection of wines, the Collectors Reserve, to media guests today. The name is certainly an appropriate double entendre, as this premium wine-of-origin varietal collection ties-in perfectly with the linocut artwork depicted ...

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Hike Your Way To Health

Hiking is an outdoor activity that comes with the perks of fresh air, magnificent views, natural surrounds and of course health benefits.  Many medical aids nowadays are committed to motivating its members to get more active with a range of ...

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Camping Essentials for a New Location

Camping at some remote location, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, is something everyone needs to have in their life on a regular basis. It’s easier than ever to get the job done today as well, ...

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