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News, views, and reviews on travel destinations with particular relevance to the global tourism trade.

The Coastlines of Africa’s 38 Countries Ranked

Earth globe in space

If Africa’s 38 countries and island states were a single country, its total coastline length would rank as the 5th longest in the world, ahead of Russia and just under the combined coastal lengths of Australia and the United States. ...

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Top 10 Romantic Places In France

Castle on an island in France

If you dream about eating exquisite food and surrounding yourself in an incredible culture with the one you love, France might be for you. This country is filled with a vast array of towns and cities to explore, each with ...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Mykonos

Mykonos pebble beach with shoreline homes and cafe

If you are looking for a destination that has it all, look no further than the Greek island of Mykonos. There are many reasons why 29.5 million tourists visited Greece last year, making it one of the most visited countries ...

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Reasons to Include France for Business or Leisure Travel

Eiffel Tower Paris-France

As a collective of beautiful countries and gem-like cities, Europe is endowed with historical places, majestic scenery, and valuable business assets. These attributes make European countries and cities ideal for both business and leisure travel. If you want to marvel ...

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5 African Vacations: Which is Right for You?

Date palms, parrots, elephant and Africa continent

You’ve chosen to go to Africa for your vacation – good choice. However, you are still unsure of which country to go to, and of course, you have a lot of options; 54 to be precise. So, how about instead ...

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Hospitality Hot Spot in Gauteng

Destiny Hotel Sky Bar and Lounge

Efforts to re-industrialise the Ekurhuleni metro were recently announced by the  MMC for Finance and Economic Development, Cllr Doctor Xhakaza, with an allocation of R847m to strategic key projects in the area.  The areas set aside by the department include the Airport Precinct, Kempton ...

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Best Casinos and Shows in Las Vegas

Las Vegas night lights

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, amazing casinos and restaurants, along with dazzling shows of every variety. With so much to see and do in one location, it’s easy to get lost when planning a perfect Las Vegas ...

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The Number One Requirement for British People on Holiday is Value

Holiday abstract: Books, sunglasses and beach

There are many factors that motivate people when it comes to travelling abroad. But the most important factor for British tourists going on holiday is the value of the destination. This is according to a new survey by mobile banking ...

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Cape Town Ranked World’s Top Africa Destination

Aerial view of Cape town

New data reveals the world’s most popular bucket list destinations in Africa for 2019. Released by hoppa, a ground transportation specialist, their report surveyed travellers across the globe to find out what their bucket list destinations, attractions, and events in Africa ...

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5 Must-Visit Places After Retirement

Sunset through archway

We wait for retirement our entire lives. Well, most of us do. Whether the big event is years or just months away, now is the right time to start planning your finances and decide on places to visit during the ...

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60 Things to do in Dubai

Tourists on a fun ride in Dubai

With exciting theme parks, kid-friendly activities and shopping and dining options, Dubai is the ultimate year-round destination for a memorable family holiday. Here’s a list (with links) of 60 outdoor/indoor attractions and activities to inspire your next Dubai holiday itinerary. ...

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Things You Should Know Before Visiting A Foreign Country

tourist planning a trip on a map spread across table

When travelling abroad, there are a lot of things that you need to know and prepare for. This is because, while travelling time is meant for enjoyment and exploration, you risk losing it all if you don’t prepare well. So ...

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Prague Mini Guide: The Stag Do and Beer Capital of Europe

Prague at sunrise

Prague is a historic gem of Central Europe. But this city has much more to its reputation than just pristine architectural splendour. The Bohemian city will surprise you with its active and vivid nightlife and the endless amount of top-quality ...

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5 Awesome African Adventures for US Travelers

Hand holding model plane of Africa globe

Since it’s the cradle of humanity, every modern human has roots in Africa — and perhaps that’s part of its magnetic attraction for global adventurers. But apart from its seminal role in human history, it continues to influence global culture ...

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Paradise Found: St Helena Island

aircraft wing with view over st helena island

As the crow flies directly from Angola to the east coast of Brazil, somewhere in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean is where you find the remote island of St Helena.  St Helena is famous for being the residence ...

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Tips on Travelling from Africa to Geneva

Geneva Airport

All You Need to Know After Landing Travelling by plane can be quite a challenge – especially if you don’t know anything about the location you are going to land in. Moreover, after an almost 13 hour flight from Africa, ...

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Best African Safari Destinations for 2019

Safari Game Drive Tanzania. Courtesy of Ntaba African Safaris

Africa is one of the most enthralling travel destinations worldwide. Garnering over 30 million tourist’s year on year with its breath-taking landscapes, historic monuments and welcoming culture. Home to an incredible array of wildlife and adventures that no other land ...

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An Insiders Guide to Europe

INSIDR Guide to Europe

It’s always a delight when I come across authors who share the same passions that I do. I recently had the opportunity to meet the guys from Insidr – a website for travellers, not tourists! They have curated some really useful tips ...

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Unusual Things To Do in Barcelona

An alley passage in Barcelona

There are plenty of travel guides for every major city in Europe, and Barcelona is certainly no exception to this rule. Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain and it has many tourist traps, including the Sagrada Familia, La ...

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Komodo Cruise: The Apex of Luxury in Indonesia

Komodo Cruise Yacht Indonesia

Cruising the calm Indonesian seas aboard an elegant 54-meter yacht is one of the best ways to explore Komodo Island to the fullest. A well-planned cruise around Komodo Island will enable you to experience all that this awesome destination has ...

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A Beginner’s Guide To Planning A Trip Around Africa

Whether you’re on your gap year or simply want an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, Africa is a fantastic continent to visit for a memorable adventure. Whether you opt for a solo backpacking adventure, or you want to schedule a ...

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Best Surfing Spots In Africa

Surfer riding a wave

When searching for an ideal surfing destination, the 26,000 km (16,100 miles) coastline of Africa has a lot to offer, whether you’re a novice surfer or a seasoned pro. Arguably the best surfing spots can be found along the desert dunes of Namibia, ...

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Discover the Secret Season – Part 1

The Secret Season ~ a magical time of the year when the landscape surrounding South Africa’s Overberg region in the Western Cape bursts forth to showcase its rich flora and fauna. The season runs from May to July and the ...

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Enjoy African Food in the UK – Here’s How!

It is so important that as many people as possible experience the wonderfully vast and diverse cultures that African nations have to offer. For many, though, it’s simply not possible. When Brits talk about eating foreign foods, they go straight to Italian, ...

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Where in the World Can I Vape? A Traveller’s Guide

With the growing popularity of vaping around the world, more people than ever want to vape while on their travels. However, travellers need to be aware that regulations on vaping can vary vastly from country to country and you must be ...

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Experience the Aegean Coast

In a country where much of world history has taken place, there are plenty of reasons to make Turkey your next holiday destination. The southwest of Turkey has something for everyone – from tranquil islands, peaceful towns, and even a ...

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AUS vs NZ: Who has the Best Islands?

Despite the long-standing rivalry between Aussies and the Kiwis, even they can agree that the tropical islands of Australia and New Zealand are some of the most breath-taking, beautiful destinations in the world. From warm, white sandy beaches and lush, ...

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How To Avoid The Tourism Rush In Europe

During Europe’s summer season, millions of people pack their swimsuits, EHIC renewal (European Health Insurance Card) and sunscreen in order to jet off to Europe’s most stunning countries. Who wouldn’t want to soak up the sun and take some overdue time off ...

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Most Popular Holiday Homes in South Africa

South Africa is blessed with amazing coastlines, and our scenic holiday towns make the perfect holiday destinations. Not only do our seaside holiday towns have impressive restaurants, but their remarkable hotels and breathtaking ocean views are a sight to behold. ...

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4 Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

From dense equatorial forests to tropical beaches, freshwater lakes and coral reefs, Kenya has some of the world’s greatest tourist attraction sites and has attracted adventurers, travellers and explorers to Africa for centuries. Kenya’s wildlife safaris have been attracting tourists ...

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Trail Running in Mauritius

Thousands of local and foreign trailers joined in the 10th annual Ferney Trail Run to raise funds for the physically handicapped and nature conservation in Mauritius. By Debbie Hathway. Everybody wants to go to Mauritius, at least once, but my love ...

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One Day in Paris For Lovers

So, you’re in Paris with your lover, but don’t know where to go or what to do? Our guide reveals the most romantic places and activities for one day in the City of Love. From art galleries and winding streets to the iconic Eiffel ...

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Africa’s Hidden Exotic Islands

Beach at Denis Island Seychelles

Africa itself is a fascinating, magnificent continent. To think that one continent could be made up of such unique topography and terrain, unlike any other place on earth, leaves one in a state of awe and wonder. From sand dunes, ...

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5 Myths on Africa to Debunk before Travelling

When I tell my overseas colleagues that I focus on the African continent as a travel writer and blogger, almost all respond with some form of incredulous hyperbole or unfounded advice. And, I just can’t resist noting some of the ...

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Why the Best Part of a Journey is in the Planning

When we think of travelling, we almost only ever think of the destination. We think of the end goal; the destined place, and we see ourselves there, wherever that may be. But how often do we think of the actual ...

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A Quick Glance at Entebbe Botanical Gardens

The Entebbe Botanical Gardens lie on the shores of one of Africa’s biggest lakes. It’s situated near the capital of Uganda, Kampala and is also relatively close to its main airport, which welcomes international visitors on a daily basis. The ...

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Discover Luxury in Kenya

Kenya is an exceptional African destination for luxury safari and beach holidays with variety to suit different segments; couples, honeymooners or families. Kenya is renown as the world’s leading safari destination and indeed in many ways, Kenya is the ultimate ...

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Exploring Zanzibar

Located in the Indian Ocean just 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is an exquisite gem in East Africa. The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of many small islands and two larger ones. It is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, ...

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Exploring Mauritius Resorts

Mauritius really is an unspoiled Indian Ocean island, highly recommended as a destination for honeymoons, young families or retirement couples. The resorts are excellent, the service wonderful, the rooms thoroughly thought through, and the food is local, fresh and delicious. By ...

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Quick Guide to Southern Africa Tourism

The Southern Africa Tourism infographic shown below represents the members of the Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa (RETOSA) – a Southern African Development Community (SADC) body responsible for the development of tourism and regional destination marketing across 15 Southern Africa countries: ...

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Reunion Island: Tropical Incentive with a French Touch

In the meetings industry, no other destination has such an apt name as Île de la Réunion (The meeting Island). This tropical island is actually one of the French overseas departments and is a popular destination for exotic incentives with ...

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Exploring the Wild Nature & Rich Culture of Reunion Island

Seemingly hidden within the currents of the Indian Ocean is a little tropical gem which calls to the heart of every traveller looking for the ultimate experience. With far reaching mountainous landscapes and strikingly beautiful terrains, Réunion Island holds captive ...

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Reunion Island: Perfect for Easter Holidays

Located in the Indian Ocean, Réunion Island can be reached by a quick 4-hour flight on Air Austral from Johannesburg and what’s more, South African passport holders do not require a visa for a visit of up to 90 days ...

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The A-B-C’s of Reunion Island

Réunion Island is a mere 4-hour flight from Johannesburg on Air Austral and South African passport holders do not require visas for this tropical paradise which makes it the perfect destination! Located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and ...

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Exploring Sri Lanka from Tangle to Galle

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) – an island south of India – is renown for its diverse landscape, ranging from rainforest and arid plains to highlands and sandy beaches. In this travel destination review, Tourism Tattler correspondent Adam Jacot de Boinod explores ...

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Reunion Island: The Ultimate Nature & Leisure Destination

Covering an area of more than 2500km² and the largest island in the Mascarene archipelago, Réunion Island is an Indian Ocean destination you don’t want your tourism clients miss out on. Quick Facts Réunion Island, a French department in the ...

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Exploring St. Lucia

The best way to get a proper sense of St. Lucia, it seemed, was to work my way up the island by foot, road and boat. And spend nights at the islands’ supurb resorts along the way. By Adam Jacot ...

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Exploring Antigua Resorts

“Back can wait, but not belly” is a well-known Antiguan saying. Whether this refers to a massage before lunch I never found out, but luxury is very much on offer in the following four Leeward Islands resorts of Antigua and ...

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Authentic Phuket

Tourism Tattler foreign correspondent, Adam Jacot de Boinod visited Phuket − a rainforested, mountainous island in the Andaman Sea − and reports on Thailand’s most popular beaches, high-end seaside resorts, spas and restaurants. On an island buzzing with tourists reminding ...

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Diani Beach – Magical Kenya’s Hidden Gem

Kenya is renown as a Big 5 safari destination but not many are aware of its Marine 5, which abound along the country’s 1420 km coastline. Here, some truly unique hidden gems await international tourists to show off its marine ...

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Ethiopia: Top Five Destination in Africa Goal

27 May 2015: The Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) has said it is making strong efforts to promote Ethiopia to the rest of the world towards realizing the vision of becoming among the top five tourist destinations in Africa by 2025. ...

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Southern Africa: Island hopping at its best

The Southern Africa region consists of 15 countries, including Madagascar; Mauritius, Seychelles and Tanzania – perfect island hopping destinations. By Kwakye Donkor. The Southern Africa region consists of 15 countries, namely, Angola, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Lesotho, ...

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South Africa Leads the Way in African Tourism

South Africa not only continues to lead the way when it comes to attracting the largest numbers of foreign visitors to Africa, but studies have shown that there has been impressive growth in the number of visitors from European countries ...

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Art in the Seychelles

Seychelles is renown as a ‘melting pot of cultures’ but there’s also a rich tapestry of artistic creativity scattered about this Indian Ocean paradise that attracts an eclectic mix of artists and sculptors who can best be described as bohemian. ...

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Property Review – Kempinski Seychelles

If a 6-star grading exists for accommodation establishments in the Seychelles, that would be my rating for this superb resort. From the friendly and efficient attention of staff on check-in to the luxurious room amenities, wide ranging facilities and ample ...

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RETOSA Transfrontier Conservation Areas

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly tourist destinations in Southern Africa International tourism market trends generally reflect a tendency for sustainable and environmentally-friendly destinations. In response to this 21st century trend, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has established one of the most ...

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Laid Back Lamu Island, Kenya

An aerial view over Manda Island, Kenya

There’s a tangible sense of the past, as if time has ceased to exist in Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago, that is uniquely memorable and appealing for niche leisure tourism. By Des Langkilde. This information map of the Lamu Archipelago is displayed ...

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Property Review: Toad Tree Lodge

Toad Tree Lodge, in the Kuleni Game Park,  is a wilderness haven – not only for the teeming game and birdlife but also for discerning tourists who want a self-catering South African bush experience within close proximity to KwaZulu-Natal’s King Shaka ...

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Destination Review: Kenya’s Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara Ecosystem is home to the Big Five, among other species of wildlife, and has one of the highest lion population habitats in the world. This is where over two million Wildebeest, Zebra and Thomsons Gazelle migrate annually. ...

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Property Review – Mdumbi Backpackers

Mdumbi Backpackers, located  on the Wild Coast of South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, is quickly becoming a badly kept secret. By Tourism Tattler correspondent Ingrid Sinclair. Unobtrusive on a hill with a 180-degree view of one of South Africa’s most beautiful ...

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Destination Update: Kenya

Tourism Tattler asked the Kenya Tourism Board’s Managing Director Murithi Ndegwa, for a couple of bullet points on the countries prospects as a tourist destination. We got more than we expected: Q: What is the impact of the recent Westgate attacks and ...

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Zimbabwe: Interview with Ross Kennedy

Ross Kennedy, CEO of  Africa Albida Tourism, talks about Victoria Safari Lodge, the Green Season and the Tourism Rebate Extension in Zimbabwe. Q: Victoria Falls Safari Lodge turns 20 at the end of 2014. What have been the greatest successes ...

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Property Review – Club Mykonos – South Africa

A Piece of Greece on South Africa’s West Coast Club Mykonos is a popular holiday destination for both domestic and international tourists alike. This unique “Little piece of Greece”, with its flat topped Kalivas and brightly painted ballastrades, doors and ...

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Seychelles Creolization Festival a resounding success

Tourism Tattler was invited by the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange to attend the 2013 Festival Kreol, which took place in Victoria, Mahé from 25 to 31 October. Tattler journalist and photographer couple, Jeannie and Keith ...

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Zimbabwe: 7 Myth Busters

When Suzanne and I travel the world and tell people that Zimbabwe’s tourism is on the rise and that it’s at the beginning of a boom, almost everyone we speak to is shocked and surprised at first.  The fact is ...

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Ecotourism hub of Mtunzini under threat

Mtunzini – From unspoilt ecotourism hub to dusty, mining town in 10 years? The proposed mining of the area south of Mtunzini in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) has been on the cards for more than 13 years, but following an appeal by ...

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Scotland and Turkey

Tattler editor Marjorie Dean is just back from a holiday in Europe. On trend, she decided to mark a special occasion by taking her whole immediate family of children and grandchildren on a holiday together. Then she and her husband ...

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Kenya ranks second in Africa in MICE tourism

Conference tourism is emerging as Kenya’s new growth frontier, earning the country second position after South Africa last year in the number of conferences held on the continent. The placement in the Country & City Rankings 2012 by the International ...

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Magical Kenya

Kenya is determined to grow its tourism arrivals from both regional and long-haul international markets and is keen to engage with the travel trade to make this happen, writes Des Langkilde. Muriithi Ndegwa, Managing Director of the Kenya Tourism Board ...

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Not all visas are created equal

The visa-application ritual is an unavoidable rite of passage to international travel for holders of South African passports, as many countries impose a gauntlet of requirements before allowing entry. This ritual is often the only thing standing between your potential ...

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Ten reasons why Zimbabwe is a true Luxury Destination

It is no secret that in the last ten years or so Zimbabwe has been struggling with its perception as a luxury travel destination. By Luke Brown. For various reasons the country has been labelled as “unsafe” to travel to, ...

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Zimbabwe Awakes

As Zimbabwe continues to re-establish its mark on the map of countries to visit in Africa, time efficient and cost effective access to the prime safari areas continues to be a challenge to both operators on the ground as well ...

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Affordable Seychelles

A bold headline and a statement that many travellers to this idyllic destination are quick to defend or dispute, depending on their personal experience, but a statement that the Seychelles Tourism Minister defends vociferously. By Des Langkilde. Asked at a ...

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Israel with a difference

Outbound tours to Israel may be quite common but unique itineraries that buck the common package tour experience are rare. One South African tour operator seems to have the right mix, writes Des Langkilde. Jacci Peter of Live the Land ...

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Mauritius from a travel trade perspective

Despite the islands close proximity to the African continent, Mauritius attracts more inbound tourists from Europe than from Africa, which is ironic considering the difference in travel time and the wealth of attractions, leisure resorts and business tourism benefits that ...

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