Tips on Travelling from Africa to Geneva

All You Need to Know After Landing

Travelling by plane can be quite a challenge – especially if you don’t know anything about the location you are going to land in. Moreover, after an almost 13 hour flight from Africa, you really need to know what you should do after you land so that you can get the things you need and then check-in at your hotel as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, as Geneva’s airport is also quite big, we think you could use some information about it, in order to know exactly what you should be looking for in case something goes wrong.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you everything you need to know after you complete your 13-hour long flight from Africa and land in Geneva

Landing on the Airport

As soon as you land, you might want to know the location of certain places or the things you should do in case something goes wrong.

For example, when it comes to items that are considered special, such as car seats and pushchairs, most airlines will deliver these on a separate belt – it is recommended that, if you possess such items, to ask for information as to where these separate belts are located.

Geneva airport has a lot of escalators and stairs that you have to go through until you reach the gate or until you exit the airport. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the airport’s maps before you try to find your own way out of it – you wouldn’t want to get lost inside the airport, right before exploring and discovering the city. 

Also, if you are hungry and want to eat something right after you land, keep in mind that the restaurants that can be found in the gate areas usually open at around 5:30.

Leaving the Airport

You might want to rely on an airport transfer Geneva service rather than renting a car, as the parking is very expensive and usually very busy as well. You should also book such a transfer ahead, as you don’t want to wait too long outside the airport. 

Then, before you leave the airport, you should have an idea about your next stop – for example, accommodation or such. If the latter is what you are looking for, and your requirements are not set in stone, there are several hotels that are quite close to the airport.

Then, as the city of Geneva is very close to the airport, you can choose one of the in-town hotels as well. Just jump in your airport transfer and tell them where you want to go. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is important that you are aware of the surroundings as soon as you land in Geneva – the airport is quite big and has a lot of escalators and stairs, so you could end up walking in ascending and descending circles.

If you want to travel by train, the station is right at the airport – all you have to do is walk around 50 meters to the first escalator, then after one or two more escalators you’ll reach the train station. 

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