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News, views, and reviews on visas from a global travel, tourism and hospitality industry perspective.

Why eVisas are a Smart Choice for Global Travellers

Laptop with e-visa on screen

Electronic Visas (eVisas) have become one of the most common visa channels with more and more countries making use of it. Today, 44 countries around the world offer eVisas or some form of electronic visa solution for travellers. The service ...

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Angola Relaxes Visa Requirements

Angola e-Visa

The Angolan government has been introducing several initiatives to encourage tourism investment and business opportunities in the oil-rich country since former president José Eduardo dos Santos stepped down. Angola President João Lourenço. The first new president in 38 years, João ...

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Vietnam Visa Guide for South African Citizens

A visa is a necessary authorization for a foreigner to enter or exit a country granted by that country. If you are a South African citizen or currently in this country and want to visit Vietnam, check out Vietnam visa ...

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Visa Limitations for South Africans

In the world of fast-paced, global travel, the last thing you want is visa hassles ruining your clients opportunity to take advantage of a special travel offer at short notice. In this article, Mwangi Githahu and Simon Lewis take an ...

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Africa’s Visa Requirements

Africa is one of the regions in the world with the highest visa requirements. Visa restrictions imply missed economic opportunities for intra-regional trade and for the local service economy such as tourism, cross-country medical services or education. During the African ...

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Government Tourism Scam

South Africa charges visitors USD70 for free tourist visa. By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H.Thome. Kenyans started reacting sharply to news that they now have to pay a private contractor a massive 5,850 Kenya shillings (697.94 ZAR) for a visa to ...

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Tanzania Tourism From South Africa To Benefit On Three Fronts

South Africans travelling to Tanzania on holiday or business no longer require visas – and vice-versa. This significant move for cooperation between the two countries results from a bilateral country-to-country discussions and agreements. Serena Hotels, a premier hotel, lodges and ...

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