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Niche Tourism

News, views, and reviews on niche tourism sectors for the travel trade. Articles include niche sectors such as Adventure Tourism, Avitourism, Cruise Tourism, Culture Tourism, Ecotourism, Film Tourism, Responsible Tourism, Accessible Tourism, Voluntourism, Youth Tourism, Wine Tourism, and more.

How To Tap Into The Ecotourism Niche Market

Vallee de Mai nature reserve in Seychelles

For tourism organisations wanting to tap into the growing ecotourism niche tourism market, the International Ecotourism Society provides the answers. By Desmond Langkilde. The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ecotourism. Founded in 1990, ...

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31 Niche Tourism Groups


If you thought that Niche Tourism covers just a hand-full of interest groups, think again. In the 5th edition of his book ‘Marketing Tourism in South Africa’, Richard George identified 20 distinct Special Interest or ‘Niche’ tourism groups, and we’ve ...

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Glamtrails making tracks in Hemel en Aarde

Cape Town, 10 September 2019. An exciting new tourism offering, Glamtrails, presenting exclusive walking tours with wine and food experiences, is establishing itself as a must-do for discerning visitors to the Hermanus and Hemel en Aarde region in the Western ...

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Ecotourism: A Case Study

Ecotourism is about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. This means that tourists who participate in ecotourism activities want reassurance that their host follows defined ecotourism principles. By Des Langkilde. Ecotourism Definitions In his book ‘Ecotourism: An Academic Definition’ (1999 ...

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Exploring the Benefits of Film Tourism

Film tourism is a growing phenomenon worldwide, motivated by both the growth of the entertainment industry and the increase in international travel. By Leonie Berning. What is film tourism? Film-induced tourism explores the effects that film and TV-productions have on ...

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An Insight Into Fashion Tourism

Fashion tourists

On this website, we’ve blogged about niche tourism groups but have not posted about the growing trend of fashion tourism. Until now, that is. By definition, fashion tourism is a niche market segment evolved out of three major sectors: Creative ...

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Why Health Tourism Has Become Popular For Surgery

As any an avid traveller will have noticed, there’s a new type of tourist appearing on our flights. They’re not venturing to Kenya to visit family; they’re not travelling to Ghana to find themselves. No, instead they’re hopping aboard a ...

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Cape Town now an international trail running Mecca for tourists

Now in its fifth year, Ultra-trail Cape Town (UTCT) has established itself as a bucket list race for ultra distance trail runners, not only locally but now internationally. The event has grown from one with 200 runners in 2014, to ...

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The Importance of Responsible Tourism in Africa

Tourism, wherever it is aimed, brings with it challenges and can have a negative impact on the local area and people. Responsible tourism is a theory and methodology that is committed to ensuring that tourism is carried out in a ...

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A Guide to Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism, or culture tourism as it is sometimes called, is a type of niche tourism that attempts to represent the stories and lifestyles of the people from the past and in the present authentically. As such, it places particular ...

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The Worlds Largest Adult Traveller Population

If the world’s volunteers were to form a single country, known as Volunteerland, they would form the largest adult population in the world, behind only China. By Jennifer Woodbridge. Economists estimate that at least 971 million people volunteer each year across ...

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How to gain Green Flag Trails accreditation

Tourists want reassurance. For this reason, hotels are star graded, beaches are awarded Blue Flag status, and clean and safe trails are Green Flag accredited. By Professor Leon Hugo. Ten years ago, adventure tourists had no means of assessing an ...

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Food Tourism: How to Get your Slice of the Pie

Food tourism

Food tourism is all the rage. Just look at the last decade’s vast surge in consumer interest in food and cooking as documented by popular television shows. So how do you leverage this upward trend to get your slice of ...

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Avitourism in South Africa

In this article Leon Marais of Lawson’s Birding, Wildlife & Custom Safaris Tours offers tips for Tour Operators and accommodation establishments who may want to attract the growing avitourism market to South Africa. While South Africa is firmly on the ...

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Taking Responsible Tourism to China

Deborah Calmeyer is a woman on a mission. She is the first South African businesswoman to speak at the prestigious ‘Her Village International Forum’ in Beijing, China and she will be taking Africa’s responsible tourism message to over 200 million ...

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Accessible Tourism For All

In the spirit of mainstreaming disability issues, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) General Assembly adopted a Resolution entitled “Accessible Tourism for All”. The following article outlines the resolution as adopted in 2005 to serve as a guideline for ...

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Accessible Tourism Manual

In the context of the trilateral agreement between UNWTO, ONCE and ENAT, an update of the 2005 UNWTO Recommendations on “Accessible Tourism for All” (see page 20 in the Tourism Tattler March 2015 magazine edition) was approved by the UNWTO ...

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How to Apply Responsible Tourism Practices

The benefits derived from responsible tourism practices are well documented, but in practice the implementation of these principles can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. In this article Des Langkilde looks at how Responsible Tourism practices can be implemented. Being ...

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Voluntourism: Keeping it Sustainable

In the last few decades volunteer tourism has become a phenomenon; up to 10 million participating and generating up to £1.3 billion revenues in a year. By Nancy Gard McGehee. Some motivated by altruism, some for more selfish reasons but ...

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Youth Tourism Trends

students lying on lawn with heads together

STAY (Safe Travel Accommodation for Youth) WYSE Association, the global trade body for the youth travel accommodation sector, has launched its seventh annual survey on youth travel accommodation trends. By Laura Daly. The new industry report is based on a ...

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Adventure Tourism: SCUBA Diving

Adventure tourism, and SCUBA diving in particular, has become an immensely popular leisure tourism activity, specifically over the past 10 years. SCUBA diving offers a great opportunity for tourists to participate in an outdoor activity with family or a partner, ...

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Using Film Festivals as a Tourism Marketing Tool

Considering the limited marketing budgets that most tourism organisations face, film festivals and film productions can be leveraged as an alternative marketing medium, as they do their own promotional campaigns, thereby reaching a wider audience through indirect publicity. By Leonie ...

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Red-tape tourism

People standing In a queue

Could Home Affairs offices, licencing departments and similar facilities in South Africa’s small towns compete on service delivery to create a new domestic tourism niche? asks Ivo Vegter. If you want an ID book, passport or a driver’s licence and ...

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MSC Opera starts her maiden SA season in style

To mark the luxury cruise ship’s maiden call in the ports of Cape Town (refer article in November edition of Tattler) and Durban, MSC Cruises hosted VIPs, dignitaries, media and travel industry representatives to celebrate the launch of the MSC ...

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How important is Wine Tourism to South Africa?

woman holding a wine tourism book

Tourism is one of six identified key drivers of the country’s economy and the wine industry indirectly contributes more than R4.5 billion annually to the tourism sector. This is according to the latest report generated by South African Wine Industry ...

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Cruise Tourism gets a boost as luxury ship sets sail for South Africa

On November 1st, the magnificent MSC Opera will embark on a southbound voyage to South Africa, where she will begin her first ever summer season in the region in style, by hosting two glamorous on-board events in Cape Town and ...

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Cruise Tourism Potential in South Africa

Artists impression of Durban Cruise Terminal

I receive many email replies to my column “Talking Tourism”, which is particularly rewarding. These emails include many from local students; like one who recently asked me my views about “cruise tourism.” By Michael Bertram. The standard response is normally ...

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