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News, views, and reviews on photography relating to the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

How To Become A Travel Photographer

Travel photographer silhouette against sunset

Nowadays, just about anyone with a DSLR camera can take pretty good images of iconic travel locations and publish them on social media channels like Instagram. However, becoming a successful travel photographer requires more than simply “faking it ‘til you ...

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Part 5: Understanding The Camera Histogram

an old woman sitting against a wall

Many photographic enthusiasts have discovered the value of reviewing the histogram whilst working in the field. The histogram is the graph of the tonal range which one can make visible when reviewing your photographs on the camera. By Peter Wickham. ...

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Part 4: Understanding Focus, Lighting & Background

a vervet monkey at sunset

In this 4th part of the photography series, I will discuss a few common problems that people often experience with their photographs and provide solutions to overcome these. By Peter Wickham. Unsharp Images More than likely the camera was hand-held ...

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Part 3: Understanding Exposure

The single most important element in photography is light, as it is the capturing and recording of light that creates truly stunning photographs. By Peter Wickham. The amount of light allowed to be captured is called the exposure and therefore ...

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Part 2: Understanding Depth Of Field

Autumn trees along a lake

Whilst there are many technical aspects relating to this subject, Depth Of Field (DOF) relates basically to the area in the photograph which will be acceptably sharp. By Peter Wickham. There is an area in front of your point of ...

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Part 1: Understanding The Golden Hour

Desert dune photo taken during the golden hour

The best photographs are usually taken when the light is soft, and besides cloud cover, or smog, you can guarantee that the light will be softer in the first hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset than it would ...

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