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The CPA and Insurance

There’s been huge reaction to the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) in the tourism industry and we have seen this particularly in the B&B and guesthouse sector. Is the news as bad as we’ve been led to believe? ...

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How to protect your business, your staff and yourself against disaster

Snake about to bite a human foot

The Tourism and Leisure industries are constantly evolving and the biggest by-product of this is increased competition. One extremely effective practice in staying ahead of the pack is finally getting the attention it so urgently deserves. One doesn’t have to ...

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Cruise Tourism Potential in South Africa

Artists impression of Durban Cruise Terminal

I receive many email replies to my column “Talking Tourism”, which is particularly rewarding. These emails include many from local students; like one who recently asked me my views about “cruise tourism.” By Michael Bertram. The standard response is normally ...

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Travel & Hospitality Website Landing Pages

Questions we stay with are: what were they interested in, what information could have been placed on the web portal for them to have stayed and investigated more. How do I target my visitors more directly so that they get ...

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Green Mobility in the Hospitality Environment

Purpose designed or adapted golf carts are the preferred mode of shuttling guests from A to B within hospitality properties, primarily due to their compact size and manoeuvrability but more importantly due to their silent operation. Being battery powered, a ...

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Vacation Ownership Proves Resilient in Tough Economy

According to a study done by Grant Thornton on behalf of the Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa (VOASA), vacation ownership resorts – e.g. timeshare, fractional ownership and private residence clubs – had an average annual occupancy rate of 80,5% ...

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Mauritius from a travel trade perspective

Despite the islands close proximity to the African continent, Mauritius attracts more inbound tourists from Europe than from Africa, which is ironic considering the difference in travel time and the wealth of attractions, leisure resorts and business tourism benefits that ...

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Experience of a lifetime with Rhino

A group of conservationists with a drugged rhino

During June 2012, a team of some of the most well respected professionals in conservation, made their way to Somkhanda Game Reserve to embark on a rhino darting experience, aimed at improving security and surveillance measures around our threatened rhino ...

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10 Simple Steps To Debt Reduction

Hands holding a piggy bank

You might have a little debt or a lot of debt. Makes no difference. This simple 10-step debt reduction plan will get you out of debt and will help you stay out of debt.

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Beyond the Limits of Cash or Credit

Recently, I had the opportunity of communicating with Bob Meyer, founder, publisher and editor of BarterNews. Meyer is America’s expert on bartering. The recipient of many awards within the bartering industry, Meyer publishes The Competitive Edge (a subscription newsletter), Think ...

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African Resources and Colliding Geopolitics

The terms “Great Game” or “Tournament of Shadows” in Russia were terms for the strategic rivalry and conflict between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia. The term “The Great Game” is usually attributed to ...

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