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Beyond the Limits of Cash or Credit

Recently, I had the opportunity of communicating with Bob Meyer, founder, publisher and editor of BarterNews. Meyer is America’s expert on bartering. The recipient of many awards within the bartering industry, Meyer publishes The Competitive Edge (a subscription newsletter), Think Barter & Grow Richer (a special report) and FastStart Programs (help you get started in bartering) all of which are designed to help people succeed economically. Meyer was gracious in taking time to explain, answer questions and offer technical background.

For most, the word bartering has the stigma of being a form of economic facilitation that resides in the past, among the more primitive economies. The truth is that many individuals, companies and nations cannot achieve their economic goals or economic potential with just the use of cash or credit. Bartering is for the real entrepreneur (individual, business and nation) that looks beyond the limits of cash or credit.

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