Travel & Hospitality Website Landing Pages

Questions we stay with are: what were they interested in, what information could have been placed on the web portal for them to have stayed and investigated more. How do I target my visitors more directly so that they get involved with our products more quickly and even more importantly get them to “book with us”. Well a direct answer may be that what you in fact need is one or more product landing pages.

From a User’s Perspective
A product landing page targets a specific product or service and leads people to a product offer. What is important is that the landing page creates Attention, Interest, Desire, and most importantly “Action”. If we satisfy our visitors here then we are able bind them to our products and our brand. Because all of these ingredients are included on a single page potential customers can evaluate and choose products more quickly then they would on their path through a website. What we are in fact skilfully providing is an optimally configured user journey through a single webpage.

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