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Kenya is an exceptional African destination for luxury safari and beach holidays with variety to suit different segments; couples, honeymooners or families.

Kenya is renown as the world’s leading safari destination and indeed in many ways, Kenya is the ultimate African destination. Luxury travel in Kenya provides travellers with an intimate window into the heart of Africa.

Located near the equator, it offers savannahs teeming with game, cultures as old as time and unchanged by the modern world, forests, snow-capped peaks, deserts, beaches and even coral reefs.

The entire spectrum of luxury hotels, tented camps, endless opportunity for adventure and breathtaking moments of discovery wrapped in the warmth of the people is what makes Kenya’s safaris so luxurious. The next time you book your flight for this type of unforgettable experience, you will be spoilt for choice.

Beach & Golf Safari

Imagine having a round of golf in the morning, and in the same afternoon, basking on one of Kenya’s pristine white sandy beaches.

Alternatively, you can have a round of golf in the morning, followed by a ride in a glass bottom boat, to marvel at nature in one of the richest marine parks you will ever see.

Kenya offers you tropical sunshine, blue skies and endless silver-white beaches backed by waving palms and tranquil lagoons. For aquatic mammal lover’s, you can take things up a notch and embrace a personal encounter with dolphins.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

For honeymooners, leisure seekers, couple’s wishing to enjoy their excursion in Kenya; perhaps this is a great opportunity to exchange vows while aboard a balloon safari in Maasai Mara – one of the world’s famous National Game Reserves.

The balloon safari allows you to traverse the vast Savannah, have a perfect view of the big-five, and catch a view of the new 8th wonder of the world that is the wildebeest migration among other different species of wildlife.

After the excitement of a Balloon safari, one would require a relaxed evening and Kenya’s many luxurious safari lodges and tented camps offer the required tranquillity.

Unrivalled Exclusivity

Are you looking to enjoy exclusive relaxation away from the multitudes? Travel to any of Kenya’s luxury five-star lodges. Movement between lodges is not a challenge thanks to superb connectivity, witnessed by the numerous airstrips that enable domestic flights to shuttle tourists within a short period.

The unrivalled exclusivity of Kenya’s lodges allows you to indulge in the pleasures of any given moment, making for a unique and tailored Kenyan experience.

Be accorded specialised attention to meet your every expectation, be it dining in the wild as you watch the sun set over the Savannah or just lying basking in the sun in front of your very own private pool looking over the picturesque views.

Spa & Wellness Safari

With the anticipation of a relaxing beach holiday and many photo-snapping game safari moments, Kenya has thrown in an equally exciting recipe to the holiday menu, which guarantees total relaxation while simultaneously invigorating the mind, body and soul.

Kenya’s four- and five-star hotels, lodges and beach resorts boast well-equipped spas staffed by highly trained therapists.

Having a spa treatment, be it a simple massage or a hot stone massage that sinks deeper into muscle tissues, one is sure to uncover the true meaning of bliss.

Visit any of Kenya’s hotels, lodges, camps and other accommodation spa facilities to begin this invigorating experience.

Culinary Experience

Beyond the adrenalin filled adventure, Kenya also offers varied delicacies that mirror unique lifestyle and ethnic groups within the country.

From backpackers to newlyweds in a quaint restaurant, and families in the five-star hotels, a sumptuous culinary experience awaits you all.

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