Israel with a difference

Outbound tours to Israel may be quite common but unique itineraries that buck the common package tour experience are rare. One South African tour operator seems to have the right mix, writes Des Langkilde.

Jacci Peter of Live the Land Tours has an infectious enthusiasm for Israel. As a registered South African tourist guide, Jacci visited the Land of Milk and Honey over many years, both to brush up on her guiding skills and to simply relax and take in the historical sights of this biblical land.

Pic: Destinations-Bedouin-Tent Having experienced everything from local ‘pilgrim’ tours to private home-stays, Jacci realised that a gap existed for ‘out of the ordinary’ tours. In collaboration with registered tourist guides in Israel she set about compiling her own unique tour itineraries, which include private home visits, a colourful night in the desert to experience Israel’s bedouin hospitality, camel rides and plenty of time to relax and reflect on the spiritual exuberance of the land.

Trade sharing

Jacci is not shy when it comes to sharing her tailor-made tours with outbound travel agents and tour operators in Southern Africa. “My main objective is to ensure that as many travellers from Africa get to experience the wonders that Israel has to offer at an affordable price, so I’m more than willing to work with travel agents and tour operators who have clients interested in Israel” says Jacci.

2013 tour scheduleJacci has put together the following tours for this year:

  • Group Tour – 09 to 22 March
  • Seniors Tour – 04 to 13 May
  • Backpackers Tour – June/July
  • Group Tour – 05 to 18 October
  • Backpackers Tour – Oct./Nov.

Private tours can be arranged. The required numbers for private tours are; 3 to 4 people;
7 to 8 people and 12 to 14 people.

For more information contact Jacci on 083 3011 838 or 033 330 5758 or email her at: [email protected].

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