Best African Safari Destinations for 2019

Africa is one of the most enthralling travel destinations worldwide. Garnering over 30 million tourist’s year on year with its breath-taking landscapes, historic monuments and welcoming culture. Home to an incredible array of wildlife and adventures that no other land can ever offer, Africa is the place to be for every travel junkie looking for the serenity of nature and wildlife’s company in the coming year.

One of the absolute mandatory things to do in Africa is spending some quality time with its beautiful wildlife and sunsets, and a safari is an awesome way to do that. You’ll be missing out on a tremendously exhilarating experience by not considering an African safari.

Shrug all the worries away and count yourself in for a wild, memorable ride in the realms of four of Africa’s most cherished Safari destinations.

Malawi: the return of the big cats

The south-eastern wildlife haven of Africa, Malawi, is primed to become Africa’s next hottest safari destination. Besides the majestic Lake Malawi flowing through the country that paves beautiful beaches to relax in, Malawi offers the most peaceful and rejuvenating safari experiences across Africa.

It is home to the exquisite Liwonde National Park, which never fails to leave visitors absolutely spellbound with its rich wildlife, raw natural ambience, and just Africa at its best. The national park was proclaimed by Chief Liwonde to be a primary shelter to Malawi’s most exquisite wildlife heritage back in 1973. The re-introduction of majestic lion and cheetah species in Liwonde dense expanse adds to the whole thrill that the safari experience brings.

This well-known national park is home to many bird and animal species, not to mention kudu, antelope, waterbuck, reedbuck, monitor lizard, Impala, Vervet monkey, warthog, yellow baboon and even roaming leopards. You can safely drive through Liwonde town’s wildlife grounds or get a pre-arranged boating system from the town.

Luxurious Mvuu Lodge captures the best of African hospitality. You not only get to experience the Malawian safari in Liwonde’s beautiful national park but also land a chance to camp in the national park.

Malawi is often referred to as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ and is a must-visit for anyone looking to escape the usual metropolitan hustle and bustle. Go straight into the countryside wilderness of the vast Liwonde National Park.

Zambia: sailing across the wild Lower Zambezi

The Lower Zambezi region in Zambia is wildly popular for the legendary crack in Earth’s crust it caused centuries ago, where a mighty river flows today. Counted amongst one of the most thrilling camping and safari destinations in the African continent, Zambezi’s safari lodges offer a wide range of adventurous activities for travellers to choose from.

You can often find giant elephants and varied mammal species roaming around the vast expanse of the Lower Zambezi National Park, with buffaloes grazing peacefully on the river islands. Known for its aquatic wildlife diversity, the Zambezi River has plenty of crocodiles and hippos leisurely swimming about its waters.

The Zambezi happens to be the land of adventures, where leopards, lions and hyena populate national parks, creating a breath-taking safari experience. This African region is an absolute treat for bird watchers, with over 378 recorded stunning bird species flying around the area. Brown-hooded kingfishers, woodlands, and heron are all common residents of the Lower Zambezi safari area.

Not to mention the opulent flora this country takes pride in. The rich vegetation, soil nurtured tall fruit trees and sparse bush growth make this area perfect for memorable walking safaris with armed rangers and trained well-qualified guides. You’ll be sailing the famous Zambezi waters in guarded canoes, living the African safari experience at its best.

Uganda: the pearl of Africa

Uganda is a rousing haven packed with adventurous trekking and rafting experiences. Its diverse culture and welcoming people create an unforgettable safari experience. There is nothing like roaming around the wilderness of Uganda’s mountains, topped with a blood-pumping white water rafting experience across the vast Nile River.

Although the country is known for its enormous gorilla population, it has countless adventures to offer. Not only can you paddle through Bunyonyi Lake to Uganda’s biggest markets for a refreshing shopping experience, but also experience African camping at its best.

Uganda’s chimpanzee trekking is something every traveller should experience at least once in their African exploration. You begin a walking safari through Kalinzu Forest National Reserve and just as excitement begins settling in, the region fills with sounds of chimpanzees in the canopy which you follow with the hope of an encounter.

Another amazing travel experience Uganda offers is a visit straight to the equator. The mystical stories of flowing water stopping dead in its track while on the equator are all true. Travellers get to witness the entire water current cease in Uganda, soak their feet in it and experience nature’s most cherished wonders. The gorillas and Nile river rafts await!

Tanzania: bush, beach, mountain!

Tanzania one of the world’s most preferred tourist destinations- and for good reason. From huge waterfalls, beautiful mountain-top views and beaches to die for, Tanzania is the whole package that makes up for a perfect holiday.

Home to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain on earth and Ngorongoro Crater, one of the hottest safari destinations in all of Africa, Tanzania is the perfect travel spot for people seeking adventure and serenity alike.

Staying in Moshi town, you experience luxurious hospitality, taste mouth-watering African delicacies under the stunning view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, all of which makes up for one of the best travel experiences you’ll ever have.

The perfect Tanzania itinerary comprises a hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro’s wide mountain expanse, relaxation in its beautiful green plains topped with a safari dig into Serengeti lands, literally meaning endless plains’.

Tanzania is Africa’s most cherished tourist destinations perfect for thrill seekers, trekking and safari lovers. The majestic Usambara landscape, Kilimanjaro’s heights, and Bagamoyo beach can give you a breath-taking travel experience.

So, there you have four incredible safari destinations, which are set to be even better in 2019. Which one will you visit first?

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