Enjoy African Food in the UK – Here’s How!

It is so important that as many people as possible experience the wonderfully vast and diverse cultures that African nations have to offer. For many, though, it’s simply not possible. When Brits talk about eating foreign foods, they go straight to Italian, Asian or perhaps South American cuisines. It’s traditionally been rare to hear about people flocking to experience African foods – until now. You don’t need to go all the way overseas when you can enjoy African treats closer to home.

What is African food?

This question has so many answers that it’s difficult to know where to begin. It’s like asking “what is Asian food like?” or “what is European food like?” because Africa – just like these other continents – is home to many different nations, each with their own dishes and unique cuisines.

Overall, you will most likely find a combination of rice, plantains, vegetables and spices, as well as roasted fish or meats. These may be similar to the ones you’re used to, but goat meat and bush meats are also commonly used. The food is rich and varied as well as free from things like additives – and may be surprising to some who have only been exposed to narrow stereotypes in the past.

London is home to wonderful African restaurants

From street eats to posh restaurants, London’s African offerings have it all. There has always been an element of pride associated with African cooking and here you’ll experience everything from the flavours to the elegance of it all. London enjoys cultural influence from a wealth of African immigrants, who are now sharing their food secrets with everyone else.

Those hoping to sample South African fare, for example, can enjoy Hammer & Tongs, where you can enjoy London’s largest “braai” barbecue with treats like skewered meat. Or, if you’re anything like us, you’ll find that Eritrean food is actually to die for at LemLem Kitchen, thanks to the “Afro-Tacos” and their impressive array of fillings.

Finally, chef Zoe Adjonyoh is making waves at Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. She has demonstrated how fantastic Ghanaian food can be to the masses through street food and now this restaurant. We think you’ll love the grilled lamb cutlets with a signature peanut sauce.

The takeaway is also possible for those preferring not to venture out but wanting to explore a range of previously less popular yet brilliant cuisines. With just a click, enjoying everything from Arabic to African is more than possible thanks to websites like Deliveroo, where you’ll see some of the top foreign chefs putting their spin on fresh food.

And so is the rest of the UK

The rest of the UK is slowly catching up with the trend. Norwich is home to Didi’s Dining, making tasty Tanzanian fare which is actually influenced a lot by Indian cooking – who would have guessed? And Moroccan food is getting popular everywhere you look – examples of great places include Liverpool’s Kasbah and Manchester’s Red Marrakech.

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