Make Your Anniversary Truly Special This Year

We all lead busier lives these days and often feel that we do not have the time to celebrate important events in our lives.  As a result, we rush through birthdays, work on holidays and even cut short vacations to climb the corporate ladder.

Some celebrations may pass unnoticed but there are others that should never pass uncelebrated. One of these is your wedding anniversary.

This special day when you and your spouse agreed to become a couple for life is one of the year’s most important days. There are some anniversaries that are more special than others but all of them are a reason to celebrate with your significant other. If you have not been paying enough attention to your anniversary as you should, this is the perfect year to change that. Here are some ideas to make your anniversary truly special this year.

Plan a Special Trip

Go all out and plan a special trip for you and your spouse this year. Take the opportunity to do something that will enhance romance throughout the year. Think of a destination, venue, or activity that will give you time to devote to your partner. How about renting a yacht in the Mediterranean? The Mediterranean is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. You can charter any size yacht through and sail on the calm and clear Mediterranean to a number of the world’s romantic hotspots. Have a look here. You can sail to the South of France and stop off in St. Tropez, Cannes or Nice, or sail up the coast of Italy and spend several romantic nights on shore. Travel to Turkey and Eastern Europe and visit Malta, Sicily and the Greek Isles. This includes the most romantic Greek island, Santorini.

You can charter a fully crewed yacht with ample amenities and secluded places to cuddle up under the sun or night skies. You can both try your hand at fishing or play water sports right off the boat. There is a full kitchen with a chef if requested, while some yachts have workout rooms, theatres and even massage rooms. Most importantly, you will have nothing but time on your hands to devote to your spouse.

Agree on No Phones, Internet, or Electronic Devices

Mobile phones, the internet, and electronic devices have taken over our lives these days and they intrude no matter what we are doing. For this year’s anniversary, agree with your spouse to leave all devices at home or at least turned off and only checked infrequently. This might take some getting used to but after a day or two, you will realize that it is the best decision you ever made.

Make this year’s anniversary the one to remember for a lifetime. Do something special and do it with no interruptions.

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