How Travel with Children Strengthens Relationships

Nothing feels better than finally getting the chance to go on that vacation you’ve been looking forward to, perhaps all year long. For a myriad of reasons, vacations tend to be more fun in the company of friends, family, and loved ones.

Speaking of family travel, bringing the kids along can have numerous advantages, including the likelihood of improving relationship between you and your spouse or partner.

While travelling with children may not be a cheap undertaking, it can be really worth while provided you plan your trip early and budget for it.

Getting back to the main point of this article, how exactly can travelling with children strengthen relationship? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Here are some pointers on how travelling with children strengthens relationships:

Children Naturally Improve Bonding

When you have a child, you have a little one that both you and your partner love and care for. This is why even in the worst cases of divorce, parents remain in contact and even on good terms as they collaborate to raise and take care of their children. Most responsible parents do not let their personal differences affect their relationship with their children.

As couples watch their child play and jump up and down, it gives them a sense of joy that they can both relate to, share, and experience together. As a matter of fact, even an adopted child can create a strong bond between couples in a family.

But then again, according to Lisa Witter from, the amount of time a foster child will be under your care can range from a few days to a few years depending on the child’s circumstances. This means taking every opportunity that you get to spend time with the child as a family. A shared vacation is a perfect way to enhance the relationship between the two of you as well as your relationship with the child.

You Spend More Time Together

Family on beach

One of the beauties of travel is that it eliminates common distractions such as work, study, and the daily routines of life that force family members to spend less time together. When travelling with children, both of you will obviously be dedicated to watching over them Avoiding them from getting lost in unfamiliar places, watching them play, and even taking them to places they can enjoy themselves best, become daily habits. This, together with the fact that travel allows you to spend more time together is one of the ways how bringing children on your vacation or weekend tour can strengthen your relationship.

Shared Unforgettable Experiences

The biggest magic in travel is that you get a chance to create many unforgettable memories as you spend time together exploring, adventuring, sunbathing at the beach, sightseeing, and much more. Even little activities such as cooking together in the evenings can create memories that will never leave anyone’s mind. An experience such as getting lost together in the woods can stick in the mind for ages. These unforgettable experiences are guaranteed when you travel with your children and the fact that they are shared means stronger relationship ties.

Better Communication

For the best travelling experience, a lot of planning is needed prior to D-day. When you decide to travel with your children, you will have a lot to discuss and plan, including choosing a destination that the children will love, preparing a budget, deciding what to pack, and so forth. Likewise, you will have much to discuss in-between your trip. This increased interaction and the need to consult each other can promote communication between you and your partner. As a matter of fact, a past study showed that 84% of couples who travel together communicate better, and this can be enhanced by bringing your children along.

The Need for Support and Togetherness

During a family vacation, it is not unusual to find ourselves in difficult circumstances. For instance, some activities such as hiking or mountain climbing may require you to support one another. Your children will need all the support they can get from both parents, which means more collaboration. In such activities also, the entire family will be unified in focussing to achieve a similar goal. This could be reaching the mountain peak, netting fish, zip-lining on a forest canopy tour, and so on. This need for support and relying on each other is what ultimately improves bonds in families that travel together.

Travel Renews Things

During travel, you’re away from the usual distractions of life. You get a chance to relax your mind, body, and spirit as you spend more time with your children and even engage in family games together. Especially when travelling with children, most of us like exploring new places and getting into new adventures. From all this, you feel rejuvenated and so does your partner. It renews things between family members and one can even easily let go of issues of the past that are more likely to create a rift. As a matter of fact, some new experiences can even be life-changing.

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