How to Travel and Earn Money on the Way

It sounds like a dream, and it is perfectly possible: you could be earning money and travelling around the world. You no longer have to worry about when you are finally going to have enough money in your travel fund – you can add to it in between breaks from sipping cocktails at a local beach.

There is something for everyone here, depending on your abilities and talent. You’ll find some of them so profitable you might wish to start today! Without further ado, here are the best ways how to combine travelling and money making:

Write for travel websites

If you’re really good at retelling entertaining stories from your trips, and your friends are hypnotised by your vivid descriptions, why not put it on paper, i.e. on the web, and apply for a job as a travel writer? There are plenty of blogs out there looking for interesting and original content (which, on average pays between $20 and $50). Or, even better – become a travel blogger yourself, and pretty soon resorts will be paying you to visit and promote them!

Try your luck at gambling

If you’ve already tested how online gambling works, chances are you ended up with some extra dollars in your bank account. Actually, those who have a knack for it are earning thousands (and millions) as we speak. This is something you can easily do whenever you want to, or if you wish to earn more money, you can set aside some special time for it. There is more useful advice at Play Casino’s online guide, which is applicable to face-to-face gambling, too. By the way, every decent cruise ship has a casino. Why not try your luck there?

Become a tourist guide

That’s right. Being fluent in English is an amazing benefit, and if you speak one more language, you can consider yourself hired! Jokes aside, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn some interesting, fun facts about a place. You can apply to be a tour guide via a travel agency, or offer your services on social media and gather your own groups of fellow travellers and tourists.

Guest lecturer

Are you proficient at something? Don’t you think people would benefit from your knowledge? If that’s the case, you could give a lecture on a certain topic at a local school or university. Who said teachers and professors have to stay in one place?

Take great photos

Your favourite hobby can easily become your main source of income. If you have a good camera and an ability to capture the decisive moment, then you must have some excellent photos on your hard drive. Websites around the world are waiting for you to sell your works of art, and continue enjoying in your work day!

You can choose any one of these, or even combine some of them. Go for what you are great at and share it with the world. Basically, just do what you love, and you will travel to your heart’s desire!

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